bump size ?!

hi i was just wondering how everyone is finding their growing bumps? i'm 21 weeks aqnd compared to others at the same stage as me i feel quite small my waist measures 38 inches and i think i was about 30 inches before i got pregnant. i'm sure i'll feel differently later on but at the mo i just want a big bump so i don't have to keep telling everyone 'no i'm not just podgy i'm preggers!'


  • Ha ha ha, this post made me laugh coz im the complete opposite and have a huge bump that everyone feels the need to comment on "ooo, ur big aren't u" or "are u sure theres not two in there". Uv still got a bit to go yet so im sure ur bump will blossom soon and wen ur the size of a house ull be wondering why u wished for a big bump, lol. Kerry xxx

  • Hi I stayed about the same size from 16 weeks to about 22 and all of a sudden I've got a huge bump! I'm 25+3 now and its huge. You'll probably find you bloom overnight one day but even if not dont worry, everyone carries it differently. I had a friend who carried it all on her hips, even the day before she was induced she didnt have a bump!
  • HI you sound just like I did at the start! I didn't really have much of a bump until 28 wks then all of sudden I went huge overnight! Tammi xxx
    27 days to go!!!
  • everyone says my bump is huge, and probably is compared to the last time but strangly I've only gain 3" around my waist!

    people keep telling me she's gonna be early, only a couple of weeks, the others were spot on date! the pic in my avatar was taken at 20 weeks, she's done a lot of growing since then!



  • I'm 27 weeks and people still look quizzically at my tum when I tell them I'm pregnant, although I'm wearing all maternity clothes for comfort there's not much of a bump, just looks like I ate all the pies! Everyone is different, and I keep getting told that one day I'll wake up with a huge bump!

    Corinna x
  • Im fed up of people telling me my bumps huge-I know it is, Im not blind, Im starting to not fit into some of my maternity clothes and Ive still got another 10 or so weeks to go.
    What Im really fed up of is people telling me I wont last as long at work as I want to, although Im big I havent really had a tough pregnancy so I dont see why I cant work until I want to. I had a bloke I knew from when I used to work in a pub who was suprised that I hadnt already started my maternity leave the other day!!!
    Im glad we're into May now though-when I say Im due in July people dont give me as funny looks as they used to (until they ask when In July and I say the end of)


  • My bump is quite small! Have complete bump envy.. esp at antenatal classes where everyone has lovely round bumps! I am 32 weeks.. but am being sick regularly still, so am guessing that is why i have stayed relatively small! Midwife seems happy with the size of baby.. so am tryin to fink positive and hope this also means i'll lose my baby weight nice and quickly! xxxx
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