is an epidural scary?

can anyone tell me how an epidural feels? i kow it seems to be great inthe pain relief factor, but is it scary being so numb and not being able to move? i didnt have one first time, but im just keeping my options open and all i can think is that id be scared of the feeling of being paralysed kind of, that i cant feel my legs and cant just get up. was anyone the same or do you just not thin of it like that at the time ?;19;29/st/20080523/dt/5/k/1ec5/preg.png


  • hi, when i had my epidural, i didnt really think about not being able to feel anything afterwards as it was such a relief to have a little bit of rest from the constant pain. but to be honest, it didnt make much difference not being able to feel much after as i wanted to rest and it wears off soon enough. hope this helps you a little bit x
  • hia hun,i was in hospital thursday n had a spinal (think its the same kinda thing) n i dnt know wot i worried about!it didnt hurt,they sprayed a cold spray on my back to numb it bit before putting the needle in n i cdnt feel anything they were doing,pain wise.It was a bit strange afterwards how u cnt feel anything but it dosent take that long to wear off,u feel a bit pins n needles like when its wearing off but im sure when ur actually in labour if you feel you need one then u wnt care bout that,itl most probably be a relief,hope this has helped a bit xx
  • If ur worried about not been able to move perhaps an epidural is not for u. However if uve bin through the pains of labour ull perhaps not be bothered about not bin able to move around and will just be greatful for the epidural. They dnt suit everyone and i dnt think ill be having one this time round because i found it really slowed down my labour and i ended up having a section (due to babies heart rate dropping). Actually having the epidural doesnt hurt from wat i can remember coz they numb ur back first. I wud just keep all ur options open coz u dnt know what u will want or need on the actual day. Kerry xxx

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