Wonky bump!

Does anyone else have one of these?! My bump is definately bigger to the right of my tummy than it is to the left. When laying in bed I can feel very clearly the "ball" shape but it's off-set to the right. I'm going to look a bit funny if it carries on like this! :roll:


  • My bump goes very wonky when the baby lies to one side. I can look really silly. It even did this early on in my pregnancy. XXX
  • lol mine doesn't look that bad as i'm fat and it doesn't show the position so well.... on the other hand mine has decided where they re so laid bak the pelvis is fantastically comfy and prefers causing mommy more pain than necessary image
  • Awww the subject of this post really took me back!
    My LO is 15 weeks now and I always had a wonky bump! Sometimes it would stick out to the left, and by the evening was sticking out to the right! And then there were times you could watch him moving one side to the other!
    Oh I quite miss it!!!
  • my bump is definately larger on the right even when lo is not lying there. i recko that was the side that she was first created. mine did even out as i got bigger but it is still definately wonky lol
  • thanks for the reassurance ladies - at least I'm not the only wonky mum-to-be out there!
  • mine is bigger to the left and at one particular point but have three little streach marks on the right?? lol xx
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