Sore Gums...

As you can guest by the title ive got sore gums feels like my wisdom teeth are coming through at the back but also the roof of my mouth is sore and was wondering if its a pregnacy thing (tried to have a crusty roll for lunch - normally id devore but was hard work and slow muching on small bits) ... normally i NEVER have any problems...

anyone else got this? or can make an suggestions? x :roll:


  • My gums bleed a lot but don't feel too sore so I can't really help image Sorry hun.

  • oh... lol i tend to blame EVERYTHING on my pregnancy got sometime off mid week think ill be booking in to see mr Dentist just for a check up lol x
  • Hi l was at the dreaded dentist 2day and she said my gums were inflamed but tht could be down to the pregnancy. It might be worth going to your dentist its free just now anyway. xx

  • oh i had to take all my rings off this morning because my fingers are swollen... maybe its that? x
  • Hiya..I had really sore bleeding gums and it was down to the pregnancy hormones (surprise!!) and my wisdom tooth was coming through and had a slight infection. I was given antibiotics and told to use a soft manual toothbrush and use small circular motions and not to scrub up and down. I rinsed in some salt water aswell (not nice but took the stinging away). If you have an NHS dentist its worth having a check up while its free, my dentist has booked me in for some work after baby is here as its still free up to a year after.

    Katie and bambino.x x x

  • Hi I'm 28 weeks pregnant and i'm experiencing the exact same thing! It started a few days ago, I thought it was just an ulcer on the back of my gum but its got worse. I think its my wisdom teeth coming through but its really painful so I know how you feel. I've booked for the dentist but cant get seen until april 7th!

    Amanda x
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