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Hi everyone

I have 4 tickets to Friday Night with Jonathan Ross for next week. It says the recording is on Thursday 29th Jan, doors open at 5.45pm and close at 6.30pm. The recording is at BBC TV Centre, Wood Lane.

Would anyone be interested in these tickets??

Basically in June last year to cheer myself up after first mc I sent off for some tickets (they are free) and in October I had 4 arrive. But guess which week it was for - the week of the whole saga!!!!! So obviously it was cancelled (we still went to London for a few days though). Anyway I had a letter shortly after saying I would get some more tickets, and a week or so ago they arrived for next week!!
Having booked all my holiday for this financial year, and also not really being able to justify spending a fortune on another trip to London, we've decided not to go this time. We are disappointed (haven't checked who the guests are yet - I may be even more disappointed then!!). However, as it turns out i've got an interview for a promotion on Friday 30th anyway so we can't really come down to London on Thursday.

So the tickets are free to anyone who would like to go!! I will either send you the 4, or I can send two people two tickets each.

Let me know and then you can email me your details so I can post them on to you image



  • ps i should say that the tickets don't guarantee entry as they send out more tickets than there are places, because people don't turn up - so you have to get there early to get in xxx
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