am in entitled to maternity leave again!?!? HELP PLEASE!

im curently on maternity leave with my lo who is 18wks that leave runs out in aug and next baby is due this sept, am i entitled to maternity leave again from my employer? or do i have to return to work early and then take maternity leave? can anyone help me please???

thank you if you can xx


  • hmmm, interesting. you are entitled to maternity leave per each baby, but whether you employer will give it to you is another matter. You will be able to get a maternity allowance of the gov. you midwife would be the best person to ask
  • I'm in a similar situation as my maternity leave for my 1st baby has just ended and my 2nd is due 1st May. I was told I'd have to return to work for a few months to be entitled to more maternity pay. Now I'm applying for maternity allowance instead (still trying to get all the paperwork sorted) so if you want to apply for that you get a form from jobcentre. You have to send your mat b1 and also an smp1 from your employer saying that you're not eligible for smp. I'm not sure if we will get the ma but it says in the notes that if you were employed in the test period you should qualify, even if you weren't physically at work.

    Sorry if I've made it sound dead complicated! Good luck. xxx
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