CM - TMI!!!

Just a quickie ladies - since discovering the wonderful news that I am pregnant (woo hoo! - gosh how long will I keep getting excited when I say that word?!) well, I have been very wet down below.imageops:

This is a very unusual sensation for me, as I never did have much CM before.

I keep thinking the worst but it is totally clear and runny and odourless.

Is this normal? Does anyone else have this?




  • yes, its completely normal. I had it all through my first pregnancy and so far, through this one.

    Don't worry! it is a pain though image

  • This is just how it is meant to be honey. I was taken aback with this as well as I never get CM. To be honest some days I have loads and others not so much.

    This morning I had yellow snot looking cm which freaked me out but was told again this is normal. The joys of cm LOL

    K xx
  • Totally normal. I've spent the last 7 months feeling like a slug! Oh the joys! :lol:
  • Yeah I get that and yeah LOL feels like a slug!

    40+5 (labour vibes please!)
  • Oh chloelouise, sending you lots of labour vibes!
  • Yeah me too! It's not very pleasant and just keeps increasing too...perfectly normal though!

    Mrs E
    40 wks
  • Oh Thank God!

    Thought it was just me! I sneezed earlier and a blob came out - thought something was wrong and had to go to the loo to check! Especially when I had very little before I got my BFP, it is a shock to the system!

    Is a sore back and at times sore tummy ok as well?


  • yes, thats normal too. I had period type cramps up until 9/10 weeks and then they stopped. At 11 weeks, they came back for a week and then went away again.

    What you have isnt out of the ordinary - its all completely normal!

  • Ah, lovely, thank you - it's just such a worrying time isn't it?

  • CM is a good thing, It is there to keep your lady parts nice and clean and to flush out any bad germies and stop any infection getting through the cervix into your uterus.
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