I'm having a name crisis, heeeelp!!!!!!

I can't believe it! We had our little girls name chosen before she was even born, Lyra, nobody had a Lyra and we though it was unusual without being too out there as well as very pretty! But now, since the release of the bloomin golden compass, i know of 3 Lyra's to have been born in the last month! Arrrrgggghhh!!!! Oh, and also, my oldest son told us he feels a bit left out because everyone's name will begin with an L apart from him, which obviously means we can't use the name!
So now we're stuck! I've been trawling the internet, looking through books, racking my brains, you name it! The names we're considering are;


Her middle names will be Francesca May, and our surname begins with an N
What do you think ladies? I'm also open to any suggestion! Nothin beginning with L though, poor Jack won't like it!


  • I think Ruby is lovely, plus it will go well with the middle names you have chosen,

    I'm sick to death of thinking about names now - my sister and dad actually made me cry on Saturday when I told them the names I had picked, they said they hated the names and I was cruel as they would get bullied!!

    (Sorry for the rant - sore subject at the mo!)

    Summer is very nice too


  • Keira and Georgia are lovely. I love the name Keisha (Kay-sha) aswell. I also love the names Lexie and Maddison



  • Oh thats horrible!! I hate when people feel the need to be horrid about the names you've picked. Its your baby, so unless you ask for an opinion people should keep it to themselves!! Thanks hunny, I think Summer is winning at the moment, Its the only one Jack hasnt rolled his eyes at! How lovely that my life revolves around a 6 year old lol xxxxx
  • LH86, i really like Alexia, which I would shorten to Lexie, but sadly my OH hated it! Why i'd listen to him i don't know, some of the names he's come up with are appalling!! xxx
  • My OH asked if we could call it Megatron if its a boy. I said its a baby not a f**king transformer!! LOL. I love the name Lillie-Marie for a girl as we will be giving it his surname which begins with a b but hes not keen on that!



  • hi hun i think ruby and kiera are lovely names i wanted to call my little girl ruby but my friend had a little girl just before me and decided she liked the name ruby so i had to change my little girls name to lois she is now 5!
  • i like summer hun, goes beautifully with the middle names you've chosen!!! pmsl @LH86!!! my husband is a stawars geek (and pretty much any sci-fi actually) and if it wasn't for my youngest brother being called Luke would have called our eldest that, just so he could say.....Luke, i am your father!!!
  • I think Summer is winning at the moment! Sticking with the season theme, i also like Autumn!
  • What about using Keira but spelling it Kyra?
    I think babies should be born labelled with their name, it would save us such a lot of hassle and would also mean those horrible people with unwanted opinions would have no chance to upset us!
    It's hard being a big-brother-to-be, my son suggested Rhianna and is a great big bro, I'm just glad he didn't come out with any outrageous names haha! xx
  • Summer is on my list....I think it's lovely!
  • I think Georgia has a nice ring to it.


  • Awww bless, Rhianna is a lovely name! The only name Jack has suggested so far is Cuthbert! It says in the baby name book that it means famous and brilliant which is lovely, but not sure its the right name for her really!!!!
  • we called sophia -summer for the first 24 hrs after she was born but changed it cos we got such a bad reaction from our close family and friends :evil: ... its so beautiful and it goes with ure middle name ...i do love sophia too (obviously since its her name :lol: )but sometimes wish id stuck with summer :cry: xxxxxxxxxx
  • Aww i love all those but Ruby is the winner for me (i'm biased as it was one of my choices though lol!!)
    I think Summer is realy lovely too and goes well with the middle names lovely too

  • i vote for summer i think it is so cute!! but im having a lil boy and dont think it wud suit him !!lol
    luv clare
  • Thanks everyone! I think at the moment Summer is winning, but not going to decide for definate untill she is here. I also like Alexis or Alexia, but need to work on OH for those!
    Clareyg you could always have Sonny! xxx
  • I like Georgia. If we have another girl thats a name we like. Our daughter is Francesca.

    Im sorry but i dont like summer only cos my cousins daughter is called summer and she a brat! Tainted the name for me.
  • Don't listen to anyones negative comments! Its up to you what you call your baby! My eldest is called Lilac Sky and my mother in law still isn't over it three years on but tough lol.
    Jo xx
  • awww I think Lilac is a lovely name! People were like that when we named our little boy Luca, and i dont think thats very out there at all!!!
  • Why struggle for a first name I think Francesca May in its self is absolutely beautiful xxxx
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