had phon call from epu!

hi ya all,i got my phone call bck from the epu clinic and they said i could go up there and be seen,but there is not much they could do as i am having a scan in the morning at 10am.my dull ache has gone,just feel bloated,i still got brown on me pad but its really dark ( tmi ) sorry,but i havent had any real red blood yet. as always i am still worrying, i have a few hours sleep today,and feel a bit better,but i know this mit sound silly ,but i keep on passing wind a hell of a lot,and when i do that dull ache seems to go,has anybody been in the same situation as me,with the bad wind and a dull ache also the brown bleeding, its only ther when i wipe myself and a bit on the pad,nothing else.

advice from anyone please x


  • best of luck tomorrow hun, hope all is well

    Lisa xxx
  • I had this and all was fine, it has to usually be red blood and quite achy period like pains to be causing a mis-carriage..(had one of those aswell!!) try to think positively, I'm sure ur baba will b fine..
    good luck..
  • I had that at 6 weeks for a week and had scan at 7 weeks and all was fine, now got 12 week scan on Monday so keeping fingers crossed for you.

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