How long does it take for midwife to contact u?

Hi gem
Congratulations! this is my first as well
The midwife took about 2 weeks to contact me but i spose its different in different in different areas. If you feelin anxious, maybe just give the docs or midwife a ring and see what's goin on, I was goin to and the day i was gonna phone the midwife phoned me


  • Hi gemh85,
    Most mw dnt get in touch until your booking in appt which is usually between 8-14weeks, but it totally depends on the area u live in. Where I live they do booking in at 8weeks and while your there they give u an appt for 12week scan. It will soon come around dnt worry. Kerry xxxx
  • When i was thinking bout calling was gonna call the docs seein as they were the one's sposed to be referin me and apparently some surgeries have a midwife there, but i'm not sure it's all so confusin!!
  • hi hun, congrats on your pregnancy.

    i myself am finding the whole mw thing very confusing. i used to live in birmingham and have not longed moved to essex where there health care is much different to what im use to. i found out i was pregnant and went to the doctors and then i had to go back to the doctors to see the midwife as the midwife only goes there on a thursday, she dont make no contact with you, it all has to be done through the surgery. i saw her that once and not heard a peep since, i got my scan booked in for 20th december so i dont know if she will be there or when the next time i will see her. its all quite confusing when your a first time mom, i think would be nice to be informed abit more by the doctor and mw about how often to expect contact and etc.

    glad you called the doc though Gem, sometimes they need a kick up the bum as they sometimes forget.
  • i went to the doctors at 6weeks and had my pregnancy conformed,and was told that the midwife would ring me to book appointment to see her,i was rang at 10weeks and saw her at 11 weeks

  • Oh.. I found out I was pregnant really early like 3 or 4 weeks and now I'm nine going on ten weeks and of course I've been to the doctors and let them know, they said they would refer me but to date ive still heard nothing? althought I've got my maternity exception card... what should I do? i'm sure I'm due a scan soon but its the christmas and new year period It will be pointless calling surely as the will have only skeloton crew of staff for emergencies and although this isint an emergency it feels quite urgent to me... apart from the tests Ive done myself and the doctor agreeing there right ive had no more feed back this is my first child and not sure how it all works!

    little bit of advice girls would be great! xx
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