In Shock & Packing for hospital what do I need?? - UPDATE

[Update after hospital]

I had to stay the night and just got back. They monitored me and the uterus was contracting, but luckily it slowed down then stopped. They did an examination and the baby's head is 'well down' which would explain the extreme pressure down there everytime I stand up. But she said everything inside is normal and the cervix is closed.

Have to go back if pain starts again. Hopefully everything should be fine now and I should carry to term.

I hope everyone else is well and I'm wishing you luck and happy thoughts. Thanks for the support. ;\)

Hello Ladies,

I felt absolutely terrible last night, I was convinced I was in labour...strong cramps all night. I know the feeling from my first and I thought it was the real thing. I went to the loo and while peeing felt a 'pop' down there and thought maybe that was my waters. Well OH didn't seem bothered and said 'you're not in labour, come back to bed.' well how the bloody hell does he know!!!!

Well since this morning, I've felt a little woozy and dizzy, but I'm trying to take it easy at home. I have NOTHING packed and was panicking last night incase I needed to go into hospital what do I need to take???

I've got a weekend sized bag, which I thought I could pack the baby's things in and a small pull along suitcase/travel case for all my things. I don't want to take a load of stuff I won't use, so what are the basic things I am going to NEED and USE?

I want to get the bags done as soon as possible to put my mind at rest and I would be devasted if I was rushed to hospital without any of my own belongings and stuff. Sorry if I sound silly my mind has gone blank!!!!!:roll:

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  • Hi Honey, How are you feeling now? I hope that you are putting your feet up today and trying not to stress too much. I just did a quick internet search and found a list of what you need for the hospital, try this link:

    No you don't sound silly, just stressed. Get yourself a nice treat from the kitchen and put your feet up!

    All the best, Denise (20 +5) xx
  • ur only 31wks so u dnt really wann go into labour yet id just rest n try nt 2 stress hun
    abbie+bluebump 40+4
  • Thanks Denise, that's really sweet of you. I'm feeling a little light headed still so got the windows open and glass of cold water. The only thing I can think is that it may have been something I ate last night. We went to the toby carvery and I had prawn cocktail and stuffed myself with the main course!! ooops, won't be doing that again!!

    Love, Karys xx

  • yes you're right Abbie, that's what I'm trying to do now. You on the other hand are ready to pop anytime now!!!

  • ive just come out of the hospital following a bleed, and i found i needed, for me :

    -shower gel
    -3 pairs of pjs
    -toothbrush & toothpaste
    -socks & underwear
    -bath robe
    -magazines and books cos i was bored !
  • What a fright youv had. My LO came at 33 weeks and I wasnt packed either. I sent my OH home to get me some stuff and what he brought amazed me. Glittery going out tops, trousers iv never fitted into for months and thongs!!!!!

    You will need:

    Granny pants
    sanitary towels
    comfy trourses i.e. joggers
    t shirts

    For baby

    sleep suits

    Cant think of anything else just now but I hope your lo stays put. My lo is 5 months now and has no problems due to him coming early. If you have any questions there is a premature birth forum and we would be happy to answer any questions you have.
  • LOL - my god denise007 that is exactly what I'm scared of!!!! At least your oh knew where to find your clothes!! just can't rely on them for things like that!

    Really glad to hear your lo is doing fine thanks for being so helpful. How much did he/she weigh? did you have a normal labour?

  • sorry double post

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  • Hi hun, not really sure what to advise for the hospital bag but there is a checklist link on the BE homepage.

    Hope you are not in early labour, it must be very worrying for you. Are you going to contact the labour ward to get checked out?

    Hope you are ok and feeling better soon. xx

    *sorry, the link has gone, but its in the 'birth' section. xx*

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  • I'm still getting on and off cramps. I really don't want to go hospital especially being so unprepared. I don't really know what to do. maybe see if it gets any worse...?
  • Hey hon, hope you are feeling better now! I know what you mean about needing to get it sone, I don't think my lo will wait till 40 weeks. One thing I would check is what you need for lo with the hospital, as I know our hospital supplies everything apart from nappies and all we need to take is a going home outfit as they even supply all the clothes while we are in. Tammi xxx
    32.2 weeks
  • you're so lucky which hospital are you going to?
  • Its the borders general hospital in the scottish borders. Also have you got your car seat yet? They won't let you leave the hospital with out it! We have ours already in the car! Tammi xxx
  • I can understand you not wanting to go in unprepared. Maybe phone the hospital and see what they say? They may just want you to pop in so they can monitor you and see whats happening. Good luck xx

  • I would suggest you phone your GP to get checked out. I went to my GP because I was bleeding slightly, they sent me to the hosp. I had no pain, thought it was Braxton Hicks (I had very strong ones for a few weeks) but the midwife told me I was in labour. Didnt believe her cause I still had no pain. A few hours later the labour pains began. I was in labour for 2 days and had 2 steroid injections to mature baby's lungs. Kenny arrived at 33+1 weighing 4lb 4oz and was in good shape when he was born. I only had gas and air and needed forceps to help deliver him. He spent 3 weeks in the hospital as he was too little to feed but soon got the hang of it and was successfully breast fed.

    Definately get anything abnormal checked out as you never know what it might be.
    Good luck and tell your baby to stay in the nice warm tummy
  • I hope you are OK now! Definitely rest and get checked out if you're unsure. Dont think you're're not!

    I packed my bag at 37 weeks, late I know! But I had a feeling my lo was staying put...I still do lol. I have packed:

    big black pants, 2 nighties, going home outfit (maternity combats & loose t-shirt), 2 nursing bras, dark towel (I packed red), maternity pads, feminine wipes, anti bacterial wipes for the loos, socks, flip flops, dressing gown, breast pads....

    For baby:

    4 vests, 4 sleepsuits, bibs, bootees, hat, socks, cardigan, newborn nappies, dummies, cotton wool pleat. oh and a blanket.

    I think thats it! xxxx

  • Oh - and I forgot to put toiletries on the list. I've packed shampoo, deodorant, soap, toothbrush and toothpaste etc xxxx

  • ive got my toiletries bag with toothbrush n everything in,shampoo,conditioner,2 big tshirts(mystepdads),pj's,dark towel,underwear,breastpads,snacks,clothes 4 goin hme in,slipper socks.

    baby:vests,2 sleepsuits,outfit 4 goin hme in,blanket,cardigan,mittens,nappies,cotton wool,dummies
  • Thanks for the advice. I've packed the bags now and ready to go if i need to. I called midwife and told her symptoms and she said I'll need to be checked out. So waiting for oh to get back from work now then we'll go. Not looking forward to it at all!!!! I'm guessing I'll be hooked up to the monitor thingy and have an internal exam to see what's happening down there.

    I'll let you know how things go. I'm taking my bags with me incase they say i'll need to stay in.

    tamarabell - yes, we do have a baby seat, but oh still hasn't read the instructions so he doesn't know how to fit it!! Ooooh- it's going to be fun!

    Thanks girls, Karys x x x
  • Hi Karys, they will do whats called a trace on you so that they can measure lo heart beat and also to see if you are having any contractions. Basically its just two monitors that get strapped to your belly and u get a button to push each time you feel a movement. I had it done a few weeks ago, and its best to be checked out just in case. I asked my oh to fit the car seat and after a week of it sitting in the kitchen sis it myself, bloody men!!! Let us all know how you get on! Tammi xxx
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