babies r us website - out of stock items?

hello everyone,

i have just been on the babies r us website and a lot of items in the set hugs & kisses are out of stock. i want this set for my little girls bedroom but how do i find out if it is being discontinued as so many items are out of stock. i do not want to get the items that are in stock to find out the out of stock items are never coming back. does anyone know if it has been discontinued?

hope you and all your bumps are well. :lol:


  • This is the range I got for my little girl, and that was nearly 2 years ago so there is a chance its being discontinued.

    I was in the store just before Xmas and they have a new range of girls bedding in.

    You should maybe call the store and ask them, see what they say

    Anne-Marie xx
  • thanks for your reply, yes 2 years is a long time so i guess there is a chance it will be discontinued. and if they have a new range of bedding i guess they are changing it. i am so disappointed as i loved the hugs and kisses range, but i will phone up to check.

    your little girl looks so cute in your pic!!
  • thanks i guess if i do want this line i will have to hurry and buy it all now from which ever stores i can. what a pain! yes i have been looking at ebay, but not too much was on there at the moment. hope you can get all the items you want. xxx
  • hi firsttimer i love this range too but like you said lots of its out of stock i would check your local store tho as the websitte always has loads of stuff out of stock and the store has it in so you might be lucky i soo want the crib set with drapes
    claire xx
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