29 weeks Tom... but i think i'm going to have my baby now..

Hiya Yummies...

not really been around much.. not yesterday but the day before my waters broke a bit... there was a bit of a gush and clear liquid with white slimey stuff soaked my knickers and ran down my legs.. I collected my notes and went to hospital with my mum as OH was doing bomb training at work and has been excited about doing it for ages lol..

Did a heart monitior on baby and baby was going strong and moving although I couldn't feel him.. and normally he kicks the hell out of me.. they were undsided about keeping me or not... I had an internal and they said there was no more fluid so let me go home..

they asked if I thought it could be urine but girls you know the diffrence between wee and something else .. don't you.. I had a scan done and they said that my aminotic fluid had reduced 'but it seems to of sealed it's self .. that or the baby is plugging the hole'.

They put me on a matchine which said I was having contractions although I haven't felt any...

The baby was moving and has tuned head down.. they sent me home saying to ring if there is anything...

today not as dramaticly but I have had more of the same fluid (showed my mum who is a retired nurse she thinks it's my waters too) and feeling quite periody with the odd pin prick shape pain in my privates... rang the labour ward and they told me to put a pad on and check it in an hour... he is kicking me and has been since last night which is more than I can say as the last 3 days he has been quite as a lamb! xx

could this be the start of labour? will he be okay if it is? Has anyone else had a baby at this time and the baby has been okay? :cry:

i'm soo worried he should be in there another 11 weeks... and stupid things are running thought my mind like I cant find his shawl i'm not sure if I packed it and ive lost my camara and all the clothes ive bought are sooo big because he is 4 pound already and i've got another 11 weeks to my due date so I thought he would be big now i have nothing to fit him... :cry: I just want him to be safe and well and have more time to grow... xxx


  • Gosh
    I don't know what to say, did they not suggest they give you steroid injections just in case? I hope it isn't baby but if it is there are lots of babies that do really well at this stage they just need a lot of monitoring and don't worry or panic about clothes, if baby does come there will be plenty of time for all that. Just take care and try and rest and check again and try not to worry.

    Sorry can't be more help.
    Em x
  • Oh sounds like your having a awful time, I think if you feel even remotely worried get into the hospital, dont leave anything to chance. Your twos wellbeing is way to important.

    Dont worry about any of the little things your mum or hubby will sort everything out if you go in early, my friends baby was born at 31 weeks and was just under 3 pound, I went to her 2nd birthday party a couple of weekends ago and shes great! whens your next midwife appointment?

    I am 29 weeks 3 days and I would pressure the hospital if it was on my mind they always say they would rather check you out than leave you worrying. take advantage of that and keep harrasing if your worried.
  • I would ring the hospital again, surely they should be monitoring you? Hope everything is ok. Babies can survive at this stage, a work college of my dads had her baby at 28 weeks and he's now thriving.
  • Hope it isnt but my friend had her son at 29 weeks & he is now 10 years old. Thinking of u xxx
  • Hi hun, my friend had her wee boy at 25 weeks and he is now doing great! Try not to worry but get yourslef down to the hospital as soon as to be sure because if your in labour they might be fit to stop it and cushion the baby with sterile water. xxxxxxxxx
  • Hi, I'm also 29 weeks and would be worried out of my mind. I do have a friend who had her baby at 29 weeks and though she was in intensive care for 5 weeks she is now a happy, healthy 18 months old and has even caught up with other 18 month olds development-wise. 4lbs is a good weight for 29 weeks, my baby is only 2.6lbs!!

    If I were you I'd go back to the hospital even if they send you home at least you'll have a bit fo reassurance. Try not to panic and if you stay home and your brain is running over silly things why not make a list and check it off to put yourself at ease and help relax you a bit. I'll be thinking of and praying for you. Let us know how you are.

    Rebecca xxx


  • Keep those legs crossed!

    I have heard of women who's forewaters have broken, but then gone on to term, but don't know enough about this to advise - stick it in as a google search - might throw something up.

    I would say though that if you get any more pains to go back in to be monitored again - especially as they picked up some contractions.

    Hopefully, everything's settled down and your baby will stay put for a bit more growing before he appears (mind you at 4lbs already I wouldn't be praying for too much more growing! LOL)


  • my aunt had twins at 29 weeks, one is in the arm now, and the other is a nursery nurse.

    Keep a close eye but hopefully things will settle, as long as there is some water left baby should be fine.
  • Hope things are OK, it_must_be_love x
  • My friend was going to deliver at 29 weeks but they stopped labur and she delivered at 31 weeks. Baby is doing well, was 4.5lbs and should be getting home this weekend, which is still only 37 weeks.
    Any more worries get down to the hospital but fingers and legs crossed you will be fine.
  • Hi,
    I hope things are going ok, and like others have said any other signs you should call or go in to the hospital..
    Take care
    Lydia xx

  • I hope everything is ok with the little man! My baby is head down and the amount of movements I have felt has reduced, although I am still getting the 10 movements a day. The movements feel different now and I said to hubby last night I have a feeling baby will come early. Just can't explain it, but I do!

    I hope you are both ok!

  • Hey hun.
    Just to reassure you (like some of the other ladies) my sister had her daughter at 26 weeks. She weighed 2lb and was in scbu for 7 weeks. Although it now looks really weird when she tries to sit up on her own (she's still the size of a large newborn at 6 months) She is a perfectly healthy little girl.
    Good luck hun and keep us posted.x

  • Hiya all you lovely ladies... thanks for the many replys...

    took yet another trip up to the labour ward last night as i'd had another small gush... heard a couple babies being born.. (not the women screaming just the new born cry!) got a little emotional to think I was so close to a tiny little life when it took it's first breaths..

    Got another speculum (oh JOY!) basicly I am leaking aminotic fluid but I have nearly double what I should do.. so could just be my body trying to exspell some... if i contiune to only get tiny amounts i'm 'not to worried' but if I get another gush were my undies and legs are soaked then i'm to go up right away!
    aparently it keeps sealing again and they think it's my back waters!

    well thats the update so far.. makes sence really if there is too much but never heard of so just leaking out because there was too much so i just though oh god my waters have gone i'm going to going into labour!

    as long as I don't have a big loss all should be well... i have another scan (number 7) booked for two weeks time! x
  • Good luck babes and I am sure everything will be ok! Tammi xxx
    35 wks
  • That sounds quite reassuring, good luck for your next scan. Keep those legs crossed!
    Em x
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