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Hello gals, just ondered if there were any Suffolk gals preggers on this site? I am 7 weeks and 3 days xx


  • HI

    I'm a Suffolk girl, 21 weeks with no.5!!! Hope you're keeping ok and the heat isn't making any morning sickness worse.
    Is this your first baby? Which hospital will you be having the baby? I'll be having an el/cs at Ipswich in Nov.

    Take care
  • Hello zoe, this is my second baby, got a nearly 3 year old already! The heat is horrible, felt sick earlier, and keep getting cramps again and feeling constipated!! Went to doc as i was a bit concerned because i had slight discharge earlier as well, i had miscarriage around this time 4 mths ago so wasnt taking any chances. He said cramp around this time was normal but as there was no blood shouldnt worry too much, just have to rest and take it easy, but i can't help feeling anxious though, but trying to get on with it. How did all your pregnancies go? Have you had any probs this time? I am hoping to give birth at West Suffolk Hospital again in Bury, I live in Stowmarket and i am 25. xx
  • HI

    Hope you're managing to take it easy, not always that simple with a little one to look after. My other 4 pregnancies were ok, although suffered with SPD & high BP with 1st, but put BP down to stressful job. Since having Connor 8 years ago I became a stay at home mum. We moved to Suffolk nearly 6 years ago, my husband is originally from Felixstowe, we now live in Woodbridge. I had both my daughters by elective c-section at Ipswich was a very different experience tot he 2 emergancy cs in Bucks. I am very impressed with Ipswich hopital, what's the West Suffolk one like?

    As for this pregnancy so far so good, although suffering from back pain alot but its school hols after Friday which will be great as I can have a rest! I know that sounds silly as I'll have all 4 children at home all day but at least there's no rushing about and no school runs...I really wish I could drive!!

    Had my 20 week scan last Fri, another girl. I've got another scan on 8 Sept as this will be 5th c-section, then probably fornightly scans and consultant plans to deliver baby between weeks 37 & 38.

    I hope your cramps are easing and that the next 4 or so weeks pass quickly so that you are out of the danger zone.

    Take care
  • hi im from suffolk this is my 3rd pregnany im 33+3wks pred im hateing this weather
  • Hi Zoe, i am taking it easy this week, not doing anything too strenous or stressful!! Once i get over this week i shud be more at ease, as this is when i mc last time. The cramps have eased off today which is good. Someone told me as long as you have sickness that is a good sign, is that true? Are you happy to be having a girl? How old are your children that you already have? My Chloe is 3 in Oct. I had Chloe at West Suffolk and I was happy having her there so i would like to have this one there aswell. I am hoping for a boy this time, but if i have another girl as long as the baby is healthy that is all that matters. I hope to have another natural labour aswell.
    A lot of mums i know are glad when the hols come, they dont have to rush about for school either, i have all that fun to come!! Got MW coming on Monday, so hopefully she will have a heart monitor with her to put my mind at rest!! Sammy xx
  • Hi Claire, what part of Suffolk are you from? I agree that the weather is too hot at themo, not good for my sickness! Makes you more tired aswell, been staying indoors in the cool!! Bet your really feeling it now, spesh as not long to go!! Sammyx
  • hi all, am suffolk mum to, am 37 weeks and 5 days with baby no 5. pregnancy been great, not keen on heat, love my fan and swimming at the mo! having baby girl in ips hospital, she was breech up to last monday and she turned - must be a girl to turn by herself!! so normal birth no five - hopefully. ;\)
  • Hi Dizzygund, i am glad that you ae feeling well, not liking this heat either, been feeling really sick today, spesh with that metallic taste in my mouth! You will get on well with zoe, she is on her 5th pregnancy too! Glad to hear you are ok Sammy xx
  • hi sassysammy, hope your feeling ok, how did midwife go? is baby ok? bad taste should go soon, one day you will wake up and think um havent had that for a bit! Hope you are coping with the heat ok, cool baths or showers. Only two weeks for me to go, tried to find raspberry leaf t at two supermarkets today and couldnt.! not desperate to get her out but would give me more time to recover. Not sure how all this works. is there a messenger bit on here like msn? anyway take care. xxxc:\)
  • Hi dizzygund, not seen my mw yet til monday, so hopefully things will be ok, then she can book me in for my scan, once i have had that can relax and enjoy pregnancy a bit more!!! Doesnt seem real at the mo apart from the symptoms and very bloated tum! Had to get some maternity clothes already!!!!
  • where abouts in suffolk is every1 from? im from haverhill
  • Hi Girls.

    hope you are all feeling ok this lovely hot(ahhh!) sunny morning. I'm feeling really dizzy this morning, keep having to sit down - not good on 1st day of hols.
    Great to hear I'm not the only one expecting no.5. HOw did pepole react when you told them you were expecting no.5?? I've had mixed reactions from 'are you crazy?' to 'I feel quite envious' !
    Sassy Sammy I hope all goes well with the mw today. You're right it is better apparently the more sick you feel so fingers crossed and jsut remember it's all worth it. I bet you can't believe how your expanding already. I'm still ina mixture of norm & maternity, thanks to my big hips and smaller waist I have to buy bigger size skirts normally so they still fit round my bump, but not for much longer as I suddenly seem to have expanded!!!
    Claire I'm from Woodbridge, for now, as we're trying to find a new house as we've definately outgrown this one now!

    Take care all of you
  • Well, what a small world we live in, i used to live in Haverhill but moved away 3 years ago to Stowmarket with my fiance, Claire. How old are you? I am 25. I grew up there from about the age of 9!
    Midwife went really well today, got to have a scan though as i have been spotting, just to put my mind at ease as i had m/c in March. Hope everyone is coping well, Sammy xx
  • hi zoe and everyone, yep i got quite a few "R U Mad" even my mother thinks i am some alien to have five, she only had me, she said to me well at least this is the last and i told her id never say never! Its starting to occur to me that maybe this baby might be late! I had in my head that i would have the six weeks to recover! um maybe not, am having nightmares that i will still be pregnant when the new term starts- can you imagin peoples facesimage (am expecting a roughly 9lber like last time). sassysammy-when i went for my first scan with this baby i realy felt there would be nothing there-i felt so well and had convinced myself i wasnt pregnant, so dont worry even after four children you dont know it all, hope all is well.x hi claire, i live in ipswich. take care all, lots of cool baths, although my husband is trying to get me to take hot ones to induce labour- anybody know where to buy raspberry leaf tea? hee hee:\)
  • Hi All

    Please mw went well sassysammy. Try and relax, i'm sure everything will be fine but I can understand your fears. Camomille tea is great for relaxing. As for Raspberry leaf tea dizzygund have you tried Holland & Barret, I'm sure there is one in Ipswich, or try any other health food shops. I think you're only meant to have 1 or 2 cups a day but I'm sure it will say on the packet! Also it's known to make labour shorter so be prepared!! The only other options to bring on labour I know of are hot curries and lots of sex, probably the last thing you want right now!!!! I hope it all starts soon for you as I remember what its like to have a baby in the Summer as Jack (no.2) birthday is the end of August.

    Stay well all of you & take care
  • Hey guys, got to go early pregnancy assessment unit tommorow for a scan as i am now bleeding, a bit like a light period, basically i am having a "threatened miscarriage". I am trying to stay calm and relaxed, at the end of the day if it is going to happen it will, but i do know that women that have threatened miscarriages can go on to have a healthy pregnancy, so being positive as well as preparing for the worst. Best way to be i think. Doctor has told me not to work til i have had my scan. I hope everyone is ok and doing well Sammy xxxx
  • Thinking of you Sammy and will keep fingers crossed that everyting goes ok.
    Take care
  • Fingers cross for you sammy, good luck and keep posative. love diz x x
  • Not good at the moment i am afraid, scan was inconclusive. They could only see the sac, and reckon i could only be 5 weeks if thats the case. If i am as far as i thought, would most definately miscarry as it would be too small. Had to have a blood test yesterday and another one tommorow to check my hormone levels are rising and have another scan in 3 weeks if i haven't miscarried by then, but i don't have much hope to be honest. Bleeding was getting heavier and my cramps were painful yesterday, time will tell. This will be my 2nd miscarriage in 4 months if thats the case. We shall see, will keep you posted. Sammy x
  • Hi Sammy

    You must be feeling miserable at the moment & I could probably tell you to stay positive a million times but I know that it would still be hard to do so. I will continue to keep my fingers crossed.

    Thinking of you, take care
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