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cold remedies

Hi got a stinker of a cold. Not sure what I can take to get me better or even just relieve symptoms. Usually lemsips work but are they safe? Any ideas? x :\(


  • Hi Eva, theres not really anything that you can take during pregnancy. I had a really nasty cold a couple of weeks ago so i drank hot water with lemon juice and honey in, its not bad and it certainly seemed to help because cold was gone quickly. I also use a vicks inhaler to help clear my blocked nose. Hope your feeling better soon, happy christmas Debs x
  • It's ok to take bog standard paracetamol but that's about it. I think albas oil and vicks vaporub are ok too but check with the pharmacist before you buy anything. Definitely don't have lemsip or any other cold remedy as the extra ingredients like the decongestants can be harmful. HTH Fi
  • Thanks. Ill give vicks a go. Feeling a bit better this afternoon. Think it might be going away at last. x
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