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Constipation warning TMI!!!

Hi all

Suffering from constipation and this morning had a particulary bad experience and took about 25 minuts and resulted in me shaking and holding my breath from straining so much really worried ive caused the baby damage sure its just me being a worrier. Also does any one have any advice on how to get rid of it?



  • hi i sympatahise with you i had really bad constipation up until i was about 13 weeks, all i can suggest is warm prune juice, plenty of fibre in your diet and water, and if its really not getting much better a trip[ to your gp or mw, you wont do lo any harm! x also dried friuts such as apricots hope it eases sson
  • Poor you, horrid isn't it! Baby will be fine, s/he is well cushioned in your womb. I suffered a lot at the start, and it's just coming back again now (great) - my dad gave me a great tip, liquorice! I have about 4 inch long pieces of old-fashioned stuff (sweet shops best place to get it) every day - it REALLY helps. Lots of water (3 pints per day) and an apple every day help too, plus try to identify foods than bung you up (for me it's bread and eggs) and avoid/cut down.

    GP can prescribe lactulose or fybogel to help if it carries on. Hope you feel better soon.
    Ames x
  • aww u poor thing i have it regular it is horrible i keep thinking im gonna pop my waters wen i go its just like rabbit droppings sorry 4 tmi i even have to get other half to take kids to school cos im stuck on the loo sometimes and i dont like takeing laxetives cos they make me bad and i cant get off the loo but 4 the opposite reason lol im sure baby will be fine hun they r so snug in there and padded theres no way it cud hurt baby try walking round the loo 4 a bit to loosen things up i do that and it kind of works i dont no y or how lol tc hun xxx
  • omg love i feel 4 u!
    im not good at the best of times but in the first few weeks was really bad.
    i found lots of fresh oj and dried apricots helped loads.
    good luck x
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