A little fright - with a happy ending...

some of you might have read that I fell over earlier in the week... well since then I have been having quite a few pains - sharp and quite painful... and today I had bleeding.. quite a bit.. I have never been so frightened in all my life..

Work were fantastic and drove me straight to the train station.. my husband was working from home so met me at the station and whisked me straight to the Early Pregnancy Unit..

The ward sister remembered my phone call from the morning - and took me straight off to a room - I think she could see I had been crying...

Well she struggled to find a heart beat - - but then it came through loud and clear - - I have never blubbed so openly before in my life.. in the end my husband was crying.. and believe it or not so was the midwife... !!

she was the loviest woman I have ever met - she gave me the biggest hug and a kiss .. exactly what I needed and told me that these 40 weeks that we are all experiencing are the most important in a girls life... and not to be brave.. if you are in pain or just need reassurance... that is what they are there for.... come and see us is how she put it... I have never ever met a kinder woman - not sure what made me cry more - her or the heart beat..!!

So now I am on two days bed rest...

But the morale of the story is... if you fall - if you are in pain.. if you are worried... if you are frightened.. CALL YOUR MIDWIFE..!! I have learnt my lesson...



  • lol how i'll explain to my colleagues y i'm crying i'll never know but that was a beautiful scary but wonderful story thanks for sharing and am soooooooo glad that you and bump are both ok image huge mommy to be hugs
    Debz 9weeks
  • here here - they are all there working for us so we should use them whenever we feel the need - I know my midwife would always rather I rang than sat and stewed or worried about stuff!
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