Hi all haven't posted for a while but am on line nearly everyday reading everyones posts, I am 16weeks tomorrow and don't really have a bump yet this is my second baby so i though i might show a bit sooner this time even though i didn't show until about 23-24 weeks last time, it does make me a bit worried sometimes as i think i'm not growing and haven't felt any flutters yet although i know you can feel movements anytime from about 16weeks i have my midwife appointment on wednesday so hopefully this will reassure me anyone else not show much? I have put on about 3lbs though and have been eating like a horse and 12wks scan was all fine.



  • Hi hun i wouldnt worry, your bump all depends on where your baby is lied and plus your only 16 weeks so there is plenty of time for you bump to grow. Mines massive now and im 33 weeks with my second. I'm sure you will fill out in the next few weeks. x
  • Hi there, I was one of those ladies that show straight away but then my baby is lying right in the front. I think there are definately benefits to showing a little later - at work everyone had assumed I was pregnant before I told them at 12.5 weeks and I look about 5 weeks more pregnant than I am - so have a very loud and proud little girl in my belly. Everyone is different - I've had so many comments about how huge I am and this is my first baby. Do get sick of it sometimes but am just grateful that my baby is a healthy happy little bean. Good luck xx
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