Very worried

Hi everyone,

Sorry if this is posted somewhere else on here, i just need some advice.

I am 8 weeks pregnant tomorrow. On Monday i experienced some brown discharge and my GP referred me for a scan. Everything seemed fine and there was a heartbeat.

Last night the discharge came back and has seemed to become worse today. I have also stated to experience some cramping and am so worried that i am miscarrying.

Has anyone else suffered from this before? I would be grateful for your help and advice.

Thank you

Sarah xx


  • hi, sorry to hear that you are haveing problems if you are haveing more bleeding with cramps i think you should ring your maternity unit and explain what is going on or go straight to a&e just so you can get yourself cheacked out and put your mind at rest, worrying will do you or littleone no good. hope you get this sorted hun all the best xx
  • Sorry your not keeping to good.

    I had some brown discharge at 6 weeks then again at 8 and I was fine, try not to worry its not red which is good.

    I am still getting cramps and I am 12+2 weeks, cramps are fairly normal as your body is starting to adjust for your little bean to grow.

  • I've just had cramps and brown discharge at 8 weeks and was told to go to a+e everything was fine though had a scan and baby was fine, midwife said unless i had red blood more than a period and severe cramps then there's not a problem, but definitley get yourself checked out.
  • Thank you for all your advice. I appreciate it

    x x
  • hope all is ok hun. xxx
  • I had this at about 7/8 weeks. I had really painful cramps which came and went and brown blood.

    I went to a + e who deemed me an irriatation but then my gp sent me to the hospital for an internal scan which identified a barely there heartbeat abd viable pregnancy.

    It was implantation but not a smooth experience. I had brown blood/discharge and cramping for about two weeks which eventually tailed off. I was basically told, brown blood is old blood and is prob more a sign of implantation and womb accomodation its new tenant.

    stay calm, don't worry unless you see red blood in which case go to a+e. I'm 27 weeks today and everything was fine, try not to worry, sit down and put your feet up if you can! I hope its ok, all the best!
  • I had brown blood/discharge at 8 weeks and had an early scan and all was fine, a week later I had red blood and cramping went to a+e and all was fine...just over a week after that I had more red blood and cramping, I had another scan and baby was absolutely was implantation bleeding that had shown because of the side bean was implanting on, near birth canal or something so it could leak out. She said alot of women would get this but blood would stay put as on a different side.

    I am 16+3 now and feeling much better, heard heartbeat last week and was fantastic.

    Try not to worry as even red blood doesn't always mean the worst.


    Sazzle xx
  • I had brown discharge at 6+4 and a scan at 6+5 showed all was ok. If you are worried please go back to the epu, do you have a drop in one you can refer yourself to? The one at our local hospital has a drop in clinic for early pregnancy between 8 and 9am every morning. Good luck xx
  • Thank you all for the advice.

    Sazzle I have experienced that now. I was taken to A&E at work yesterday as I had really bad cramping and red blood. I had a scan and the baby is still there but there is bleeding in the uterus away from the sac.

    They are treating it as a threatened miscarriage and have signed me off work for one week. I am 7+2 now so I'm just hoping and praying that the baby stays put!!

    Sarah xx
  • Sorry to hear you're still bleeding Sarah but I'm so glad you had another scan and the baby is hanging in there. S/he must be a little fighter. I hope the rest does you good xx
  • Hi Sarah231 - I had this exact thing last Thurs/Fri/Sat and I am now 9+4...i know it is horrible and you panic - but just keep an is really normal - if it gets worse then bother a & e etc xx
  • hey Sarah

    I had bleeding at 6 weeks lasted about a week then stopped scan showed everything was fine, and everything was fine untill about 26 weeks when i had a big bleed again!! All was still fine and they still dont know why i bled although they think its the cervix, i guess what im saying is bleeding doesnt mean anything is wrong and u can still have a good pregnancy. so please try and rest ive been resting and the bleeding stopped so it does work!
    good luck hunni

  • really hope everything is ok hun


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