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  • Only advice I would give is to keep an open mind about the labour. I originally wanted a waterbirth too but ended up being induced at 10 days overdue an d had to be monitorred throughout. xxxx
  • Hi!

    What you've described is what I want to do, be really good to have as natural a birth as possible. A friend of mine managed this with her first (in fact I'm not even sure she had gas and air) so sure it can be done!

    I'm open to needing to change my mind as I go through it, but I'd love for it to all be as natural as possible. You should go for whatever you want to do, but don't worry if it doesn't go according to your plan.

    Well, just a few of my thoughts...xx
  • Hi!
    I agree with tamarabell,do keep an open mind.I wrote my birth plan,didnt really discuss it with the m/w,it stayed in my bag the whole time,and in the end i was in labour 26 hours and ended up with an emergency c-section under general anasthetic!

    Glad I wrote one though but in the end I had no control over my labour or birth ;-(

    Hope everything goes well fo you and good luck!

  • Thanks for the advice girls image
    I will keep an open mind...
    anything can happen i surpose :]

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