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Im Probably the last one here!!

Hi all,

everyone but me due in March seems to have had thier babies. Im feeling pretty low!! Got the midwife today and just feel like im going to break down and cry i've tried all the DIY labour bring on's to no avail. anyone got any suggestions??

lisa and Bump


  • Poor you. My second baby was late and i knew 4 people all due after me who had theirs first. When I found out the last one was born I was at my mums and walked all the way home crying. By the time I got home I was sobbing so much my hubby thought i was in labour!! I wished. Your baby will come soon and will be well worth the wait.
  • bless you, ask your midwife to do a stretch and sweep on you. that sometimes can kick start labour. it is policy in my area that the midwife does this at your 40/41 week give it a try,
    good luck and hope all goes ok for you. xx
  • Hi all, thanks for your replies.
    went to the midwife yesterday and asked her to do a sweep but she wouldnt and she now doesn't want to see me untill 16th April (17 days after my due date) which i dont understand because i thought they only let us go over 2 weeks before being induced?? is there anything i can do, im really struggling with the waiting and the discomfort and the midwife just doesnt seem to be listenng.
  • While your waiting try raspberry leaf tea or the raspberry leaf capsules (safe after 34weeks of pregnancy)

    You can try having sex (if you can be bothered!)

    Eat a curry

    Go for a long walk (this one does seem to work well!)

    Try eating some fresh pineapple

    You could try two tablespoons of castor oil in fresh orange juice (this made my cousin go in to labour!
    although i wouldn't as it can give you a funny tummy and i'm sure - like me, the last thing you want to do while in labour is splatter the midwife with diarrhea!

    I find when i laugh my tummy goes rock hard and i start getting strong braxton hicks so watch a funny film or something as this may help!

    I dont know what else to suggest apart from you could go to the hospital saying that you think your waters have broken and because you are due they might just take you in?

    A neighbour of mine 'camped out' in the hospital waiting room refusing to go home as she was 10 days overdue and demanded the baby out! They got so fed up of her they took her in and started things off for her! ...Maybe it's worth a try?

    Good luck hun, Hopefully things start for you real soon, good luck!

    Emma xx
  • hi lisa. sorry to hear your midwife wasn't very sympathetic to you about being overdue. she sounds like a right battleaxe!! lol. bless you.i can't believe she is leaving you til 17 days past.thats could also try giving your nipples a tweek, it is said that if you do each one for 5 mins each day that it can help stimulate contractions. i don't know what else to suggest other than what others have said on this thread. but giving the waters have broke thing a try sounds like a good bet!! .lol. i might try that one if i go over my dates.
    hope all starts for you very soon. good luck.xx
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