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What does it feel like and where does your bump first appear

As you can see from the amount of questions I am asking, this site is such a fab resource!! I am dying to know when I will first be able to feel anything in my tummy, but haven't really got a clue what I am looking for. What does your tummy feel like and where should I be feeling for the first signs?? I am 39 years old and haven't got a clue!!! Nikki


  • It's a great but weird feeling when you first feel your baby move it's like your stomaches constantly rumbliing (this starts anywhere between 17 - 22+ wks) after a few weeks of that youll actually start to feel pokes & prods you will also beable to feel the baby turning over & rolling round, when your stomach gets large ( mines just starting to & I'm 20wks) thats a weird feeling too I feel like it doesn't belong to me at the minute !?!? (you'll understand when it happens to you) hope this was of use to you good luck xx
  • Great to know what to look for when the baby is moving. But what I really meant is the actual feel from the outside - what and where to feel and look for? Sorry, reading it back I can see it was a bit misleading. nikki
  • My partner is increasingly involved with my pregnancy now that he can really feel the baby as it is moving a lot more and, being bigger, you can sometimes even tell if it's a foot or something! I am 28 weeks pregnant - due at the beginning of November - and lying in the bath is the best way to actually see the baby move in our experience. Yes, you can see the tummy move but I find I am usually looking at the wrong place! In the bath you can see the water move and then focus on the lumpy bit of your tummy! When the baby starts moving it was hard to feel anything on the outside and my partner struggled to get what all the fuss was about. Now though the kicking and punching is much harder - sometimes I feel very bruised inside - and it really is a kicking sensation that you can feel from the outside. It is hard to describe - which may be why my partner had to feel it for himself to understand - but when it does you will know! And I agree - it is a great but wierd feeling to think that there is a little being making all that movement inside you!
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