anyone about 7 weeks?????

getting excited about santa coming


  • hello all. Went to the docs today and she thinks I am 7 weeks today but cant be sure as my periods are very scattered and roughly every 43 days

    Anyone alse about 7 weeks?
  • no i am nrly bout 6 wks i think, just got letter 4 mw for 5th feb ages away! i will find out 4 definate then, sorry just wanted to say hi!!!
  • Hello,

    I think i will be 6 weeks on saturday. I'm too am not sure on my dates as my monthly's were anything from 28 days to 33 days. I have booked a private dating scan for a week on monday. I see the midwife a week after that.
  • hi there that will b like me, i should b 6wks on sat!!
  • Hi there all, am glad there's a few of us this early on, doesn't 9 months seem forever!!!

    i think i'm about 6 wks tomorrow but not entire sure as a bit mixed up with dates and lastly monthly at beginning of dec only lasted about 2 days so don't know if that was a proper one or not.

    have been to doctor over a week ago, who didn't do anything but said he'd refer me to midwife and for scan and haven't heard anything from either. tried ringing to try and arrange midwife but couldn't speak to her and apparently they'll send me an appointment.

    am thinking of booking a private dating scan just to check everythings ok and to confirm dates.
  • when i went docs he said i was 7 weeks on that day but i am not sure as my periods have been different lengths can be from 30-50 days! so i could now be either nearly 9 weeks or could be as less as nearly 7! so not sure! will find out at scan! xx
  • Princess Jane.. thats the same as me. I remeber talking to you on the trying to concieve bit. The doc thinks I could be 7 weeks but I think I could only just be 5. I wont really know until the scan. Have you been given a date for your scan yet?
  • Hi All, I'm about 7 weeks. I have to wait another 3 weeks before my booking in appointment with the midwife then she will book me for a dating scan at around 12 weeks. How is everyone coping with tiredness and morning sickness? I feel wiped out today.

    Good luck to everyone, Denise xx
  • Hi I'm 7 weeks too. I've been feeling ok so far apart from feeling nauseous afew times each day which passes quite quickly (touch wood!)
    Am over on September forum, there's afew of us there about 7 weeks. I'm due 1st September.
    Good luck everybody,
    Leanne xxx

  • i havent had any sickness so far and havent been too tired which makes me think I am not as far gone as my doc thinks.......
  • hey tasha no i haven't got date for scan yet, doc said it will be when i am 12-14 weeks he told me to book midwife at 9 week so i get an appointment for 10 so i will book one on fri will go on me being 9 weeks til scan. i hope my scan comes through post soon!!
  • heya princess jane, i have my midwife appt booked for 31st Jan as my doctor told me today to book it for when I was 9 weeks and the midwofe will then book my scans etc. My docs surgery has midwives there so i just booked straight after my docs appt. So hopefully I will only have to wait about 5 weeks until my scan as I really wanna tell everyone but have only told parents and then will tell everyone else once I have had the scan and everything is ok.

    I just have a funny feeling that this is going to be the longest 5 weeks of my life............. I am the most impatient worrypants ever...
  • yes will be so long, me and oh thought b4 we got pg that we would wait til scan b4 we told people but we were soooooooo excited we told everyone!!!!!! but if something happens i guess i'll have alot of support!! xx
  • hey hun im 7 weeks today, not really feeling much except a bit nauseous throughout the day! congrats on the pregnacy tho! mine was unexpected but so happy about it! are you feeling anything yet? xx
  • Hi I am 6 weeks on tuesday....I wouldnt know I was pregnant apart from the fact my boobs are agony!! congratulaions ladies, were gonna be mums!!! X
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