hi everyone, it's my first topic in the pg forum (and i hope there will be many more!)

just wondered if any of you lovely ladies know the answer to this.

i had a stomach bug on tuesday night (i'm 99% certain it was a bug - i had the runs quite bad sorry tmi, and was sick a few times). i felt pretty rough wednesday but not as bad as tues night. thursday i managed to eat some proper food, and again yesterday and felt better. last night i felt nauseous but managed to go sleep ok and have a good night's sleep. today i've been feeling nauseous again - could hardly eat my lunch, been feeling light headed and extremely tired so had a sleep this afternoon. then i had difficulties cooking as i just felt nauseous again and only had a few bites of my dinner before i had to leave the table in search of my wrist bands. i felt very sick this evening but luckily haven't been sick and don't feel too bad now (famous last words).

basically i was wondering do you think this is now morning sickness or do you think i could still be messed around from the bug the other night? i've never had a stomach bug before (always been terrified of getting them) so i'm not sure how long you feel bad for but i thought it was usually 24/48hrs etc.

i'm about 6+2 so i guess if i were going to get morning sickness it would be around now. i'd just like to know when i'm feeling rough that it is for little bean rather than a silly bug!

thanks everyone xxx


  • Mrs e,

    So lovely to find you!!! Came on here on Tues night but looked for you and couldn't find you!!!

    Guess what, I got my BFP on tues so am 5 weeks say i'm over the moon is an understatement!

    So your 6 +2 how lovely!, I left baby expert for a bit because i felt so down so missed your news. Will be fab to talk pregnancy with you.

    Sorry for gatecrashing your post

    Sticky baby dust to you xxxx
  • mrs_e, it sounds like it could be a combination to me! sickness bugs do normalyy go after 48 hrs like you say, but having said that, if the pg sickness is starting to take effect it could just be hanging around in your body giving you relapses. does the sickness you feel now seem different to how you felt with the bug? i ask this cos ive had a bug whilst pg and i could tell it felt different!
    if i were you i'd just keep your wristbands on and stick to really bland food like toast or crackers and lemonade or fizzy pop as this will help if it is pg sickness. if it doesnt go off in next few days it is definitley the good old pg sickness!
    sorry thats not much help but try to rest and not worry too much xx
  • Can't offer much advice about sickness as I haven't suffered any.... just wanted to say congratulations on your pregnancy!! I must have missed your news in the ttc forum :\)
  • hi mrs e !!!!!!! congrats on your BFP x how fab is that, anyhoo, yea could be the dreaded sickness kicking in! i got sick at around the 5 week mark and its only just starting to ease a tiny bit now and i am nearly 15wks, try and eat little and often it is true if you go too long without food you will feel 10 times worse having said that i couldnt do it becasue i had hypermisis, and was in the hospital but thankfully i am sat here now tucking into a crumpet with far too much butter on it!!if it is the ms, i hope you dont suffer too much with it!!

  • thank you for your replies everyone image managed to get some sleep in my sexy wristbands (!) hubby keeps laughing at me asking me if i'm about to play tennis! i'm going to try and have some breakfast today and see how i get on.

    babybee - thank you!! i've been hiding in the june forum!! are you coming to join us? big congratulations to you, it is all very exciting. i've got an early scan booked for tuesday so fingers crossed.

    handbag - thanks hun, i hope everything is going ok, i do check up on you every now and then in the feb forum!

    chloe i really feel for you but i'm glad it is easing and i love your little scan pic image


  • yay mrs e, so chuffed that you are getting morning sickness (not in cruel twisted way but you know what i mean - yay imageimage). congratulations to you and mr e.
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