labour story

erica is sleeping so i finally have time to let u know what my labour was like!!!!

woke up at midnight on wednesday and felt like i really needed to go to the toilet, like when u have a sore tummy, but i couldnt go. so went back to bed and knelt on the edge of the bed for a bit, and after 15 mins kinda realised something was happening so woke up stuart. sat on my gym ball for a bit and rung the hospital. at this point i was getting contractions lasting 1 min every 5 mins. they told me to come in. went and picked up my mum and went to the hospital. when we were in the car, my contractions were coming every 3 mins so was getting really scared that it was all gonna happen really quickly!!

got to the hospital and had been there literally 2 mins when i puked all over the bed!!!
started having gas and air, which even tho it made me even more sick, was like i was floating on a cloud!! was completely out of it!!!

was examined and was only 3 cm dilated so i had a meptid and antisickness injection but to be honest, didnt really feel it doing that much!! it was around now that i threw up, again, and my waters broke.

at 6 am, had an epidural, which was lovely!! the anasthetic guy was my life saver!! was re examined at 10 am and was 8 cm dilated. it was around now that i could feel loads of pressure in my bum, even tho i couldnt feel the contractions.

i didnt realise that an epidural doesnt make you completely numb. you can still feel a lot. i mean A LOT!!!!

at 12 i was feeling unbelievable mounts of pressure in my backa nd bum and i started pushing. looking back, im glad i could feel the pressure as it gave you something to push against.

i got into aposition where i was on my side and i had a student doctor holding my leg up in the air!!! was pushing for about 40 mins and at 12.49, baby erica was born!!!!

i burst into tears immediately as did her dad and my mum. my mum cut the cord as stuart didnt want to. he did see anything goin on 'down there'!!! although he did leave the room for some air and came back just as they delivered the placenta so he saw that!! lol!!

baby erica weighed 6lb 13.5 oz and she is the most gorgeous little thing!!!

i remember thinking during labour, i am so never doing this again, but looking back, it is so worth it and you do forget bout the pain. i cant remember what it felt like, i can only remmber thinking what it felt like at the time!!

was in labour for 13 hours all together. so good luck with all your labours!!! it is worth it in the end!!!

love grace and erica xxxx


  • Wow, that's a great labour story! Sounds like everything went quite well despite the pain (damn I thought it was going to be pain less lol) - well done & congratulations xxxxx

  • Congratulations again, its so lovely. Can't wait for my little one to say hello x
  • aaaaaaawwwwwwwww!!!!!!!

    congratulations grace and hello erica

    i wish u both the best!

    elaine xx
  • Congratulations! Baby erica was a nice weight! My oh keeps winding me up saying big babys run in his family.

    I think you were due around the same time as me (i was due on 10th April) and Im still sat here waiting for baby to make an appearance!!

    Best wishes for the future.


  • oh wow, your story brought a tear to my eye, I'm so looking forward to meeting my little bubs in 7 months time.

    Congratulations and welcome to the world baby Erica xxx

  • i was due on the 7th and had her on the 10th so i didnt go that far over. although it felt like forever at the time!!!! also i forgot to mention that i only tore a tiny bit on the inner posterior wall, but it didnt even bleed.

    love grace and erica xxxx
  • Well done Grace and I hope you're recovering well and little Erica is behaving for her mummy!

  • oh wow... lovely to read and really possitive lol not just fear raising! haha! enjoy her! xxx
  • Great to hear it went well for you!

    Congratulations and big kisses to little Erica.

    Love Lee
  • well done congrats and enjoy little erica
  • Congratulations- Glad it went ok for you!!
    Lydia xx
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