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Is this a positive test? Confused :(

Hi all! I'm just worried about this result. I took a first response test with my first morning urine. I stared at it and i saw a negative result the whole time when I was staring at it head on. I flashed a light on it--> still looked neg. Then I help it up and put light behind it and saw the pic below. I inverted it as well. Does this look like a positive test? I also took a clear blue with my 3rd urine of the day and it looked completely negative. Thank you!! imageimage


  • Would say, It looks more like a negative. But don't worry! It may be a bit too soon to take the test! I took a negative then later on that week took one and it was positive! and not I am sure I'm pregnant with morning sickness in full swing!

    If you take another one in a week or so that may help clear things up a bit!

  • Sorry to jump on your thread but I'm in the same boat. Took this test first thing this morning, I've been studying it like a crazy person all day! Friend said she can see it, getting a picture however is hard. Planning to test tomorrow morning but would appreciate an opinion. Af was expected yesterday.moving the screen a little up close seems to help lol.image

  • Apparently you're not supposed to look at it backlit. When I looked at it straight on--nothing. I took another test this morning and it was also negative. Im having nipple tenderness, which I get every month about 1.5 weeks before my period. I'm also on Nexplanon. I actually don't want to be pregnant, unlike most of the people here, haha. One day I want to be a mom! But for the next couple years I'm trying to avoid getting pregnant. I started worrying because my period was late and I'm on HIV medications for an exposure I had at work ( I work in HIV research)--apparently HIV meds can mess with Nexplanon, although not the ones I'm taking. Theyre supposed to be fine with my BC. I just got paranoid. I'll test in a week though if my period still doesn't come.

  • Also littlequirky--I dont see the line! Maybe try a digital test in a few days once [HcG] is high enough or try with a pink dye test since blue dyes have a bad rep?

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