Still here and need cheering up

Hi girls.

I'm sorry to moan but I'm feeling really fed up now. I'm 6 days overdue and have tried all sorts to get things going, but so far - nothing. No sign at all. I woke up this morning and just cried. I can't believe this baby is still in there. I'm frightened to go too far out of the house by myself incase anything happens, and especially with my son.

I've tried aromatherapy baths, sex, curry, pineapple and I had a sweep on Monday afternoon. But still nothing. I'm so uncomfortable, I don't know quite where to put myself. And I'm feeling like such a crap mom, because there is so much I can't do with my little boy now. He wants me to get down on the floor and build train track with him and I just can't get down there. Now to be honest I do get a bit fed up of building train track with him as he's totally obsessed and its all he wants to do! But I'd give anything to be able to get down there and play with him properly. I really feel as though he is missing out and its so unfair on him.

I've been more uncomfortable today than any day so far. Just walking about the house is a nightmare. The midwife said she would come and do another sweep tomorrow if there has been no sign, so maybe it will work this time. God I hope so. I really do not want it to come to induction - which isn't until next Wednesday. If I haven't had her by then I think I will be bed-bound as well as house-bound.

Please send me some labour vibes girls. I think this baby needs a bit more encouragement than I can manage alone!


  • Awww hun, more positive labour vibes over here being sent to you. Hope its not long for you now.

    Suzi 24+1 xxx
  • *sings and waves* come on little baby come on out and meet your mummy!!

    hope the sweep works and things get going for you soon xx
  • Massive hugs Reester!! I'm due today but to be honest can't see it happening :roll: And there were certainly no fireworks or blue smoke when I woke up this morning and the only feeling I have is the pissed off variety!!! :\(

    Nothing to say, just my sympathies and a virtual hug :\) xxxx
  • Poor you, i really hope you go into labour soon, sending you lots of labour vibes xxxx
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