Breech at 28 + 4

Hi girls,

Had my 28 week check midwife appt today and all seems really good apart from the baby seems to have turned into the breech position. The m/w didn't seem worried at all and said the baby is still quite small and there's lots of time to move. But I am a bit bothered by it at the moment.

Is there anything I can do encourage the baby to turn? Any other advice or reassurance anyone?


Jo x


  • Hi Jo

    I had a scan 2 weeks ago when iwas 28 weeks and my baby was lying breech, however 3 days later at a midwife app she thought it had turned.

    I wouldnt worry about it to much there is lots of time to turn.

  • Don't worry, your baby has loads of time! Loads of babies are breech but turn just before the birth, my mum says I was breech until 34 weeks & my oh's mum says with her last he didn't turn until 39 weeks. Your mw's right, lots of time left. Babies don't turn to their birth position until 30 weeks I've read that and like I said even then they often move, not many babies are born breech.
    20+4 x x x
  • One of my 3 turned at 39 weeks and I definately felt him doing so! There isn't much point trying to turn it now anyway because he/she is moving too much and could move back straight away. If you get desperate nearer the time and bubs is still breech you could try accupuncture
  • Jo - I cant believe you're at 28 weeks already! the time seems to have flown by.

    cant help too much on this one - only that i know that i've read somewhere about stuff that you can do to encourage the baby to turn around. I'm sure if you utilise the power of the internet you might find something. Also, why not post on the baby forum - maybe some of the girls who've already had their babies might have some experience of this.

    Hope you're well otherwise - looking forward to christmas?
  • I was on here askin the same q after my 28week check! My bub had turned by my 36week check. They are still all over the place that early (up down and sideways!!)x x
  • My lo is breech too i am now 31+3 weeks Been moving around a lot the last few days though maybe it's trying to turn My midwife not worried either. I am a bit though don't fancy having it turned manually or a c-section (unless i really had too)

    Hope your lo and my lo trun soon and stay in the correct position. Good luck
  • Thanks for all the comments everyone. Really good to read all your reassuring stories and to hear I'm not the only one.
    I'm hoping the LO turns soon!

    Gillians - yes I'm 29 weeks now! Cool huh! I'm much more content now than I was early on. Really looking forward to Christmas as we're off to Paris with my best mate and her hubby. Can't wait! How you keeping anyway?

    J x
  • Hi hun my baby is also breeched at the 28 week mw appointment i am back on friday i will 31 weeks cant believe it!!!I feel him move position all the time mainly at night MW said not to worry at this stage
    take care
    Laura & Bump 30+4
  • hi Jo! I'm really good thanks. Made it to the magic 13 week mark - had my scan yesterday. It was amazing. We've gone public and everyone was so delighted, which was lovely.

    You'll have a fabulous time in Paris! Me and oh have booked trip to New York as a bit of a treat to ourselves (it'll be a while before we have any more glamourous holidays!!!!).

    How's the breech stuff going? I looked up my pg book and it did have some exercises in it (that i've forgotten) but also some doctor has a theory that if you take some time out to relax, close your eyes and visualise the baby turning then that works! Sounds a bit hocus pocus to me, but apparantly if you do that for 10 minutes every day, this doctor has had a high success rate. The wee buggers would probably have turned anyway but it might be worth a shot! I'll look up the exercise again for you later though in case you need it.

    G x
  • i hear that sittin on them bouncing balls can give the baby a chance to move
  • hi hun, most babys turn at about 34- 36 weeks. but saying that when i was pregnant with my daughter she didnt turn till 39 weeks. try not to worry so long as your midwife is happy about how you and baby are. x
  • I will be 32 weeks on wednesday and i think my baby is still breech too feels like it;'s head is permanently wedged in my ribcage but midwife says not to worry too plenty of time to turn and plenty of room still. I am a bit worried too though.

    suppose we can;'t help it though.

    good luck have another antenatal in weeks time will let you know what she says.

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  • Thanks again girls. Do let me know how you get on Emma/George and Laura. I bought a bouncy ball weeks ago and haven't used it yet so I should I suppose!

    Hurrah Gillian!!! I'm so, so glad your scan went well and you're into the 2nd trimster. We both went through such a low earlier in the year didn't we. I'm appreciating the highs now!

    Look at us and our glamourous city breaks as well!! Yay!!
  • Yay indeed! Cant come quick enough!!!!!!
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