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First Trimester Cramping

Hi everyone! 

Im a newbie to all of this. I’m pregnant! 6 weeks according to NHS. I’m excited and anxious at the same time. I’m 31! I’ve been experiencing a lot of period like cramping. I’ve heard it’s normal. However I’m wondering how long it lasts for? Before pregnancy I just thought you had morning sickness, grew really big and went through labour! I didn’t know about the cramping! my mum said she never experienced it which makes me nervous. Any similar experiences? 


  • Hello :) I am also in the 6th week currently and I was experiencing lots of cramps since I got pregnant, some of them mild some of them stronger (they also get worse with sneezing/coughing) I am pregnant for the first time so  I was not thinking you will get cramps in pregnancy but obviously you doo :) in our November 18 group here we have multiple women experiencing cramps in pregnancy and I heard from friends that were preggo it is normal, however, how long it last for its very personal.. for me I had it for 2 weeks almost constantly and now it faded, but I still have them sometimes.. for others they are still on.. if you are not in a lot of pain and cramps are not accompanied by bleeding it should be fine :) 

  • Thanks Everness. With me being 6 weeks it’s hard to talk to anyone about it. I’m trying to keep it under wraps until I get a scan at 12 weeks. Thank goodness for these chat rooms! Do you think id be able to join the November group? X

  • this is the link :) there is bunch of us :) I am also keeping it under wraps until 12 weeks approximately. only few close friends know as they knew we were trying, and my supervisor as I need to have risk assessment done in the laboratory but family will get to know later on :) but although it will be a big surprise for them as they are defo not expecting it I am soo excited to tell them 

  • awww congratulations! It’s so exciting! Can’t wait to start showing so I can believe I’m pregnant lol. It just all feels surreal at the moment! Xx

  • how long have you been trying? it is quite surreal :) it took me some time to actually believe that those 2 lines are showing on that test :D 

  • Well... I had a miscarriage in October ☹️. had no idea I was gonna be a Mum. So I wasn’t doing all the right things to keep myself right. I was apparently 8 weeks gone. i was gutted. I was told to wait 3 months if I wanted to try. after the miscarriage it made me and my partner realise how much we wanted a family. I’ve been lucky in respect that I’ve only been trying since end of January. How long have you been trying for? 

  • I am sorry to hear about your miscarriage.. although it is nice that you with your partner started thinking about family after that :) now you can have your perfect rainbow baby :) We have been trying for some time last year, actually 2016/17 but then I got a bit of stress in other aspects of life thus I knew I don’t want to be pregnant in such period and we put it on hold, we got married last year as well and we were properly trying only for one cycle since.. However, my partner wanted kids before he is 30 and he had his B-day earlier this year and he was very excited about any possibility of me being pregnant prior to that when we were not 100% preventing it from happening. It was hard as I did not want to stress about it, but he was all over the place from the beginning of trying so MFM was my best friend again :D but now it is all good, I am still cautious until 12 week mark and scan to see everything is going in good direction :) 

  • Hiya! I am 15 weeks and I still get cramping! It depends on the person but I think it is just your uterus expanding! Nothing to worry about :) 

  • Thanks Milliemummy. I hope your pregnancy is going well. X

  • Hello everyone, I was pleased to find this thread as I have also been experienceing cramping since before AF was due - I am 5+7 today :-) the cramps for me can vary from mild to sometimes the odd intense one. For a while I was convinced that AF was round the corner but I think I’m getting used to them now ha! They seem to be worse when I really need the toulet if have wind (TMI sorry - one of my lovely pregnancy symptoms!). It’s good to head that others are experiencing the same thing 

  • Hi 👋 GBK. Thank you for sharing your experience. I’ve found it difficult to ask people all the burning questions I have due to me being 6 weeks pregnant and Im told not to shout it from the Hill tops just yet! Although keeping this little suprise hidden is so difficult and it’s taking a lot of strength not to share my happiness! I’m so happy I’ve found MFM chat forums. It’s supporting me massively and I’m only at the start of my journey. I hope your pregnancy goes well for you! X

  • I believe it is a lot of help to talk to others, without the need to tell it to your friends/family prior to the 12 week mark :) it is good that most of the burning questions are actually in most of the expectant mum’s mind and you can get to chat to them here :) and it is fun that in the birth clubs you can have mums that are expecting first but some 3rd so they can be helpful to each other :) are you guys booked for midwife appointments?

  • Not yet no. I’m still deciding on which hospital I want to give birth in. i have no idea and I’d love to ask people - neighbours - friends but I can’t without letting the cat out of the bag lol. I’ve picked up my pregnancy pack and I’ve got a telephone call booked in with a Dr to discuss hospitals. I’ve even booked in an early pregnancy scan privately. I think I need to phone up my midwife (received the number to make contact) and have blood tests? I’m unsure what tests get done during pregnancy. x

  • but you should be able to get a midwife appointment and then discuss the hospitals later on :) there are multiple tests that are done :) they should test your blood for anaemia for example, but with regards to baby there is the screening programme for Down Syndrome in either 1st or 2nd trimester that also involves bloods, they also check if you are not having any infections that could harm the baby and probably take your Hcg levels also :) if you have some genetic diseases in family that could be done as well..

  • I have registered with the midwife but have not received my appointment yet. I am also going to book a private early scan - I had 2 miscarriages prior to this one (very early on) and I feel like an early scan would help to ease my anxiety a little! 

  • Aw yes thanks loving it! wishing you the best x

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