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  • Hi Katie,

    As Style Editor of Prima Baby I am often asked by my pregnant models how to prevent varicose veins. If anyone happens to develop them, is there anything you recommend during pregnancy and after baby has been born.

    Thank you very much

  • Hi Daisy - Natalia is available in many health food shops and baby-related gift shops or you can order online or call us 0845 0525345 and we'll try and find your local stockists for you.
  • Hi Katie

    My little boy is now 2 yrs old. There's always a lot written about giving your babies this something I should still be doing with a toddler?

  • Thanks for that Katie. Your advice is very thorough and I will surely pass it on to follow through. She had her third child in July so there was a small gap between the two babies which probably hasn't helped her. Also, can me tell me if almond hair is suitable for using on the body and hair for small children? My younger daughter who will be four in Decemeber has slow hair growth and it was suggested to me that almond hair could help with the growth but I'm not sure.
  • Thanks so much Katie. Suzaie, I hope this cream works for you too! Daisy xx
  • Only half an hour left now so come and ask away...

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  • Is anyone having difficulties seeing the messages? Our expert, Katie is having some problems so please bear with us and your questions will be answered as soon as possible.

    Thanks again
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  • Hi everyone Katie here - sorry if you're waiting for a reply from me but your questions are not showing up my end for the moment. As soon as I get them I will reply to you! Hang on in there - Katie
  • Hi Katie!

    I am pregnant with my second child and was wondering what are the best oils to use in labour?I didnt use any first time round but it really interests me!
  • Hi Shellbright,

    Katie is just getting your answer plus others for some of the questions asked earlier. She will reply very shortly. Thanks for waiting!

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  • Dear Sally Ann. Yes pregnant women are so vulnerable to varicose veins.. partly because when we're pregnant we have up to 50% more fluid in our bodies so the veins in our legs struggle anti-gravity to keep transporting it back up to our heart - causing some back pressure and stress on our veins.. and partly also because progesterone levels are high and this softens our vein walls - making them weaker. My advice would be: 1) do plenty of walking as the muscular contraction helps move the fluid up the legs 2) sit with your legs raised higher than your hips for 10 minutes every evening to help them drain and 3) use Natalia leg refresher gel - as well as being extremely soothing and cooling, the essential oil blend is astringent and could help to strengthen vein wall.
  • Hi Zoe, Yes definitely it's never too late to start massaging your kids. You just need to make it fun and interactive - for example you could make up a rhyme about the weather and do some massage strokes that go with it... e.g. pitter patter raindrops..." "big warm sun"... I've got some more ideas so contact me after the webchat and I'll send them to you.
  • Thanks Katie - that's a good idea about adding in some songs to make it fun. Will def give it a go.
  • Yes Poppy I'm sure you're right about your friend. Re the almond - do you mean sweet almond oil? If so this is great to use on kids and would be safe on the hair. Massaging into the scalp can help with circulation and that could help but do you know any more detail about what's going on with her hair growth? Is it just slow generally or is it patchy?
  • Hi Shellbright. Yes you can look on for some labour products - but I've got more advice on this and I am not sure if there's time to go into it here - let me check with Baby Expert and I'll try and give you more info.
    I can also give you advice on how to massage in labour.
  • Hi, I am thinking of doing a baby massage class with my little one in the new year (she is due december) What age should she be to do this? Thanks Jo
  • Hi Joey
    About 6 weeks is a great time to join a class - so book ahead in case they are full. Look on and for details of classes near you. there are also some instructions on our website It's a wonderful thing to do with your baby and will set a blueprint for positive touch throughout their whole life.
    Enjoy it!
  • Hi Katie, I'll try using sweet almond oil - I don't think what I was using was sweet. As for my youngest daughter's hair growth, she had no hair when she was born and it was grwoing really slowly so I had it shaved at 6 months old. It has grown since then (she has a bob) but the hair is very thin. My hubby has thin hair and so does her grandfather so I wonder if it's hereditary. Can you reccomend anything to encourage hair growth? Would massage help? Thanks
  • Hi Poppy.
    Massage can be helpful - try and do 5 mins of scalp massage every night - at the very least it will be lovely for your daughter to receive and very relaxing. If you email me I'll give you the ideal recipe for her. Probably 50mls sweet almond oil with 5 drops rosemary (as long as she does not suffer from epilepsy) and 5 drops lavender to start with but I'll investigate further. Katie
  • Well - thanks for all your great questions - I have enjoyed chatting with you all. Don't forget my website is and I hope you'll stay in touch. All the best
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