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  • Hi everyone,

    Katie has signed off now but I hope you found all the answers helpful. If anyone was not able to get their questions answered please post them here and I will redirect them to Katie.

    Thanks again
    Web Editor
  • Hi there, after reading through all the excellent advice from Katie, I just have a query regarding the remedy for healing stitches. Katie, you mentioned putting 6-8 drops of lavender oil to full fat milk to add to your bath, can I just clarify exactly how much milk we're talking here?! Many thanks. Daisy x
  • Hi Daisy
    an eggcupful of milk - thanks for asking - good point!
    Let me know how you get on.
  • Thanks so much Katie, I was envisaging a pint or two, so I'm glad I asked! Even if I don't end up having stitches (fingers crossed), I'll definitely be trying this for soothing that area anyway! Best wishes, Daisy x
  • Hi Julie - well as you probably know, it is very common to shed a lot of hair after giving birth. After 6-12 months your oestrogen levels should finally be rebalanced (unless you are pregnant again?) and your hair should get back to normal. If the hair loss carries on for over 12 months or you feel it is getting worse rather than better, then do get your hormone levels checked out with your GP. It is worth noting that stress and sudden weight loss can contribute to hair loss and so maybe these apply to you?
    It is possible that your scalp is itchy from hair regrowth.... other possibilities include stress .... But do you always use the same shampoo?... if your scalp itches 1 hour after you've washed it, it is possible that you may be having a reaction to the shampoo itself? That is worth looking into.

  • Hi Consumer Editor
    Sorry only just saw your question. Natalia anti-stretch oil is great for the stretch mark and dry skin issues... but if her skin is really sensitive to products at the moment then just pure organic aloe vera gel would be really really soothing. she can look on and we can post it out today. Hope this helps.
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