The kicks really hurt !

Hi all hope your well ,
I've got a very active little bundle and lately the kicks have been really hurting me ! I'm 30+2 so i know its getting big and losing room in there but they really hurt ! I was lay in bed the other morning and it seemed to turn full circle and that really hurt took my breath away oh thought i was going into labour or something ! I have been told by midwife that my bump feels all baby and not alot of water but you can never tell really , it was lay right across the front so maybe its moved now !
Take care all
EDD 4/July

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  • i get some painful kicks too! i couldn't decide to begin with if they were uncomfortble or hurt. i think they hurt becuase it stretches the skin???!!! i'm 31 weeks pregnant
  • Im 33 weeks and mine have started to hurt quite a bit in the last week. Like you Im getting the whole full movement thing which is realy uncomfortable. It got so bad on Saturday I thought there was something seriously wrong, the pain in my left side had me doubled over on and off for most of the day. God knows what that child is doing in there... Just think, another possible 8 weeks of this....
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