When did you get your BFP?

Hi girls im over from the TTC after miscarriage/trying for a baby forum. I had a miscarriage on the 23rd October which is 4 weeks this Thursday. I did a HPT this morning (one from ebay and they are 10miu) and it was a negative. Just wondering if anyone tested before AF was dues and got a BFN and then went on to get a BFP a few days later and if so how many days later. Just trying to hold out some hope that she wont get me and il get a BFP xx


  • thats positive for me then - i will hold out as this Thursday will be 4 weeks exactly so if AF hasnt showed by then i will try and hold out till Saturday to test and fingers crossed it will be a BFP. I so want to get into the July forum xx
  • Just to let you know...when i had my mc in july my period didn't come until 6 weeks later (i ov'd much later than normal too) Wasn't actually TTC that month. Then on 2nd month ttc BFP on 12dpo. Tested at 10 dpo and BFN then v v v faint BFP on 12 dpo. Didn't get a strong line until i would have been 5 days late!

    Hope this helps...you will be here soon!
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