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6-7 week ultrasound - yolk sac but no fetal pole

Hi 😊 I had a miscarriage on the 8th of Feb this year, and straight after conceived again, (had a positive OPK on the 25th of Feb). Due to a previous ectopic I had an early ultrasound scan on the 23rd of March (6w 1d since my miscarriage) and they saw a gestational sac through an abdominal scan, they had trouble with an internal one and mentioned I have a very tilted uterus

I went back 6 days later (yesterday) and this time it picked up a yolk sac too and the doctor was very confident it was progressing well, but he couldn't find a fetal pole 😟 the yolk sac was clear as day on the abdominal scan but I don't think he saw much on the internal? I have a follow up scan in 2 weeks but I'm driving myself crazy with worry. He said had it been a few days later he thinks he would see the fetal pole which gives me hope!

My symptoms are REALLY bad and i'm nauseous most of day and I've been sick in the mornings for the last 3 days. My boobs are sore but a bit less painful than a few days ago? I've had no spotting or pain 

Has anyone been in a similar situation? I find it weird how abdominal scans are picking up more for me? The doctor really isn't worried in the slightest but I am 😩

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