SPD this early????!!!

hya all..just a quicky for u...
im 13 weeks pregnant and for last two weeks ive been in so much pain with my pelvis..i had SPD with daughter but that wasnt until 36 weeks..it has got to the stage where i can only walk for about 5 minutes and then i am in agony..it hurts to sit and move and nothing seems to help..tried pillows paracetomol warm baths .. also have mild arthritis in lower back and ofetn pain will travel to there making me even more uncomfortable!! ..I had to wear a tubiflex band for latter part of first pregnancy but is it worth me seeing someone about this now? Im more worried about the fact that if im getting this sort of pain now whats it gunna be like when im further gone??
by the way i know my ligaments are strecthing but i am just so uncomfortable and with a demanding 2 yr old this is not a very happy time for me
any1 got any ideas??
xx :\(


  • hi emma im 16 weeks with my 4th baby and i had spd with my last 2
    i ended up on crutches cos i couldnt walk far just like you it is so pain ful
    i have mentioned this to my mw and she says the same as yours hun bath rest etc its hard wen you have other children like
    they wanted me to wear a belt to lift my bump up abit but i sed no so i ended up on crutches sorry to disappoint ya hun but it doesnt get any easier
    when you get bigger belive me take care von xx
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