Anyone had to have an ECV?

Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone else has had or will have to have their baby turned and if it worked. Am a bit guttedthat i might have to have a caesarean as i have an ECV booked for Tuesday and keeping everything crossed that it works.

Need some good news!!
Thanks Gemma 36.5


  • with Lo was booked in for an ecv. They did a scan and then measured his heart rate but was quite high so had to wait for an hour to calm it down. They then were going to give salbutamol via a drip to relax the womb and then consultant was going to manipulate to the correct position.
    Unfortunately for me his heart rate stayed high so couldnt have it done and ended up with a c section. however when they did the section he had the cord around his neck so if had attempted he may have come as an emergency.
    Have heard it can be quite uncomfortable and you have to really try and relax for it to work and baby can still turn back. However i would have really gone for it but as it seems LO knew best in my case. Good luck though and hope it works for you.
    Filo x
  • hi!
    an ECV has it's risks (baby might turn 1/2 way then stop or become distressed) so you could end up with a c/s anyway BUT you have to way up the pro's and cons. not every doctor does them, and they should all be qualified to do it, -they should go on an additional training course- so you should be in safe hands.
    some women report it as uncomfortable, and some dont feel anything untoward - just like normal movements i suppose. if it is painful it should be stopped.
    on the other hand, if the ECV goes well, there are less problems for both of you to if you have a normal delivery.
    make sure you are totally happy with everything before you start - does your hospital have a leaflet and a midwife (try an Antenatal day unit if you have one) who is regularly involved with ECV's.
    good luck with what you decide on!!
  • Hmmm, thanks ladies, its a really difficult one for me. I had a scan on Friday and they said the baby's head is tilting back which makes it more difficult to attempt a turn. I'm not bothered about it being unforcomfortable for me just think it will be really hard to relax as i'm so worried about distressing the baby but then again would prefer not to have a c section. So unfair, this is most certainly NOT in my birth plan but i guess lo has his own ideas of which way is up!! I think i'm going to have another chat with the docs on Tuesday and see what they say. Thanks for your advice girls x
  • i may possibly have to consider this option as baby is breech but am unsure as i have heard there can be a risk of harm to the baby but not sure what this is, can anyone enlighten me ???
    the thought of a c-section terrifies me but my friends who have had them said its fine and not as bad as you think but really dont want one
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