hunger pains

I'v been getting the worse hunger pains ever. Only 9 weeks pregnant. Been taking pregnacare so am not sure if its that.

Can anyone give advise?:\?


  • i think everyone gets these,i know on both of my pregnancies i had the worst hunger pains every,they was no in-between i was ither full or damn right starving amd i had to eat at that moment or i would start to feel sick and start to eve

  • I have them to, have to eat or feel really sick, have to eat every hour or so (just a little something) or feel icky.

    I think they're pretty normal hun, I took pregnacare for a while but stopped after 2 weeks and for me it made my sickness worse.

    Cheryl xxx 12+6
  • Oh thanks for putting my mind at ease everyone. Very helpful
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