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group strep b testing

just wondering if any if anyone has done this. I have the kit just need to wait until 35 weeks to do the swap.

any one else?????


  • i am a carrier so no need to test where did you get the kit?

    good idea as i nearly lost my second baby cause of it they didnt know i was a carrier and he nearly died image

    let me the know the outcome.

    amanda x
  • I got the test when I was pregnant as thought it was worth the cash for private test but then spoke to my midwife who said 'well what will you do if you get a positive?' I thought this was more a question of what she'd do if I got a positive? but turns out our local hospital don't DO anything even if you've got a positive! how stupid is that? (I did worry a little bit, but didn't do test and all was ok - thank god!) So speak to your midwife too!

    I still wonder whether hospital would be proved negligent if you showed them a positive and they did nothing!
  • thanks ladies

    i spoke to my midwife on thursday after reading 4 different articles in the press about it - very scary stuff.

    there are lots of companies that do it - the one i used sends you out the sample pack for nothing and when you have taken the swabs (one in lower vagina and one just in your bum - nice)

    you send them back to the lab with payment (??32) and they will tell you the results. If the report is positive your hospital hsould put you on iv antibiotics during the birth.

    i thought it was just my neurotic pregnancy brain that wanted to do this but i think it should be a general test on nhs. Dont need to do this till 35 weeks but will update to tell you how it goes - not looking forward to doing the samples!
  • Just gate crashing from the baby forum. I was tested for this. I asked my gp and got it done by the nurse at my surgery and as they dont routinely do it (although i think they should) they sent me a bill in the post for ??21 that i just had to phone up and pay by card. Then i had to wait a week or so and phone up for the results which was negative.

  • if the hospital doesnt get time to give you the antibiotics during labour they will give to baby as soon as born for 3 to 4 days x
  • Hi Summer

    I read an article on this the other day and it's quite scary. Am defintiely going to speak to MW about it.

    Not sure if I was tested for it when we had all the recurrent mc tests...will have to check.

    Love NN 20+4 xxx

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  • hi NN

    Quite possibly - would defiantley be worth a check. When you look at the numbers the risk is so small, but i was just not willing to take that risk with evrything we have been through.

    Cannot believe you are 20 weeks already - flippin heck - we will be mummies in no time x x
  • Hi,

    I did the test last week and luckily came back negative. I know someone whos baby died last xmas from strep b infection when he was born prematurely.

    I asked my midwife about it and she explained that they don't test for it as you can become a carrier anytime so just because you don't have it the day that you test doesn't mean you won't have it when you give birth.

    You can test 35-37 weeks so I left it until the last possible minute to be as close to birth as possible. Even though being positive would have meant I couldn't use the birthing centre where I am booked in I think its worth knowing that you have done all you can to avoid any risk to your baby.
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