Static electrical shocks off objects, are they dangerous?

I worry about just about everythings and just got a static shock when my fingers touched a draw at work. Could a static shock harm your baby? Sorry if it seems a daft question but I seem to have lots of them now I'm pregnant!


  • No these will not harm you. The energy in static is not enough to get through to the baby. If you think about a tens machine these are much more powerful and we are actively encouraged to use these for pain relief.
  • hehe i'm glad im not the only electrically charged pregnant woman out there, i get it when i touch the back door handle, the cooker or a pan on the cooker, i also have chrome light switches and if its dark you see the blue flash. and the absolute worst is tesco trolleys (asda's dont do it) xxxx
  • OMG I'm so glad someone else these!! I get them all the time now!! I didn't know to put it down to pregnancy or my iPhone as I got it round time I fell pregnant lol. I seem to get shocked mostly when I stroke the dog, esp find it when she sniffs my hands I get shocked & I'm sure she does too cause she jumps back a little too!!!!

    Jayne xo
  • I get these regularly too, off door handles, light switches etc, even our dog. We were playing a few weeks ago and touched noses and she shot across the room poor thing. Now when I go to stroke her she closes her eyes as if she's bracing herself for the shock xxx
  • Glad I'm not the only one! Thanks for your replies ladies, I thought I was the only super static pregnancy woman out there.
  • I was super static too, work in a hospital so it was a nightmare, every patient i touched jumped, especially ones in wheelchairs and on trolleys and the absolute worst, grannys with them static wooly cardies!!
    Not dangerous though, just annoying!!

  • argh tesco trolleys are awful in the clothes bit, i queried them about it once and they said there's nothing they can do.....hmmm, then howcome nowhere else does it, asda etc don't do it. they shld sort it out cos sometimes they're quite painful...and i'm not pregnant atm, they always doen it, ever since the put down a stupid pastic-wood floor, in my local tesco they have clothes downstairs too on the tiled floor and taht doesn't do it, only upstairs on the 'wood' so why don't they jsut egt rid of that, grrrr!!!!!!! tbh i am worried that it cld hurt my 10month old ds, when he's sta in the trolley he tries to grab clothes etc and i'll be livid if he gets a bad one! x
  • I just experienced static shock and decided to google the search.  I don't feel bad now as I am happy about the responses I have read.  Thank you ladies as this is my first pregnancy and I am super nervous about it.imageimage

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