Does this sound like a good birthing plan?

I know it's a bit early for me to be thinking of a birth plan as I'm only 10+5 weeks, but I want it to go well this time!

With my 2 year old, all control was taken away from me as I thought it best to leave it to the midwives and I didn't say anything. I didn't get what I wanted and was drugged up to the high heavens. When she was born it's all a blurr and that makes me feel really angry now as I can't remember those first precious moments. I had no skin to skin, was stiched up screaming the place down, oh was useless (just stood there in shock).

So I'm looking for your advice whether you think this is a good plan and will work out for the best.

I would like give birth in hospital - as I'm prone to things going wrong! I would like to use the birthing pool for pain relief until the pain gets out of hand. When that happens I was thinking of an epidural as it will take the pain away, but won't leave me falling off the bed with my head spinning. When lo is acually born he/she be put straight onto my chest for skin to skin, and I want at least 10-15 mins without the cord being cut or anyone butting in trying to take lo away. Then lo can be dressed and fed.

Does this sound like it could acually go to plan???


  • Sounds like it could go to plans but everyone has been telling me just to keep an open mind. State anything that is of absolute importance to you e.g. I really don't want pethidine. They have some really helpful examples on the net and I have just copied one, adding and deleting bits that apply to me.

    Good luck - I hope it all goes to plan xx
  • Yes, it certainly could as long as you make sure the midwife knows what you want. I always thought it would be a good idea to just 'go with it', but as long as you stick to your views as well, so your plan sounds great.

    I am thinking the same as you, that I will try to have it as natural as possible, maybe gas & air, but if I need an epidural I won't hesitate! What I really don't like the thought of is diamorphine or pethidine as the stories I've heard aren't good, apparently it makes you 'out of it' and sleepy, and I like you want to enjoy the first moments with my lo!

    I also want a hospital birth because knowing me it'll all go wrong. This is my first so if it goes well I might consider a home birth with my second. x x x
  • i was thinking the same but don't actually mind when cord cut as means that bits over with i plan on breast feeding so plan on the straight to breast action rather than take away tobe dressed and fed. I've got asthma so don't think gas and air will help and i'm prone to problems so mines defo gotta be a hospital birth oh wouldn't cope with a home birth he panics way too much about me lol your 13 days ahead of me so means you'll probably get the birth story in first if you do i want to know if it went to plan for when i have mine lol
  • I'll let you know how it goes, cuz i know for sure i def want to use that plan. Come to think of it, now you said I think it would be more natural if lo has first feed before getting cleaned up, that's if he/she wants to! I'll see how it goes but its the best thing I can come up with at the mo.

    Also, does anyone know if when you have an epidural does that mean you'll need a catheter??
  • oo00oo hadn't thought of that one :S hmmmm i'd hope not as you gotta push still so you'd make a real mess image
  • I think if you have an epidural with a caesarian then you need a catheter, but I'm not sure about with a vaginal birth. I think it depends how far you've got left in labour. If you're in the pushing phase I don't think they'd give you a catheter as the baby would be born soon, plus loads of women accidentally wee or poo (so I hear - hope I don't lol I'd never hear the end of it from my oh) if they're having a natural birth, so obviously a bit of messiness is expected! x
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