maternity leave

i've not actually handed in my mat b to work yet but how long do you actually get? in the books we got given by the hospital it sayd 26 weeks paid but you can take an additional 26 weeks to make it up to a year. But I've been told by quite a few people that the minimum employers have to give is 9months :S
have the laws changed or does it just vary from company to company, & how long you've worked for you employer etc etc?
I'm sorting mine out tomorrow for work but would like to have a bit of heads up!!!


  • you're entitled to 9 months paid leave, but it still works as 6 months ordinary maternity leave and 6 months additional maternity leave, but if you decide to you could take 9 months paid, then go back once the paid bit ends or take a full year, or if you want you can go back after 6 months. you will actually get 39 weeks paid leave. and it's up to you not your employer how long you take. as long as you worked for them for at least one week before you conceived you are entitled to take a full year. hope that makes some sort of sense!!! Em xx
  • yer! don't know why but it seems to have posted my meaasage twice! :-S technology for ya! i've got an appointment with personel manager tomorrow before i start work so i'll give her 50 questions 2moro!! lol
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