anyone had cervical erosion?

has anyone had bleeding due to a cervical erosion in pregnancy? and does this affect the labour in any way?

i have had 2 bleeds, one at 25 weeks and one last week at 35 wks and that this was due to cervical erosion and have now been told i will most likely have to give birth in the labour ward (and have consultant led care )rather than at the midwife led unit as i am now classed as a high risk pregnancy/birth.

as far as i can see on internet and what they told me at hospital, a cervical erosion is just a change in the surface of cervix making it weaker and more prone to bleeding (ie after sex which was the case for me).

so i dont really understand why i am a high risk? could this mean something bad could happen at the birth?
i was ok about it at the time and dont mind giving birth in labour ward if this is safer but i just wondered what this actually means for the birth and why it is more risky now ??;19;29/st/20080523/dt/5/k/1ec5/preg.png

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  • I suffered cervical erosion during my first pregnancy, i wasn't put as high risk, the hospital or midwives didn't think it was to serious, but that was seven and a half years ago so whether things have changed. But i went on to have a normal delivery with my son.

    Hope yours goes as well.
  • I had bleeding in my early pregnancy and one time it happened after sex, I was told it "could be due to cervical erosion" but the dr just said that it was v. common in pregnancy and not to worry. I haven't had it since 11 weeks though despite having regular sex so maybe that wasnt it after all. But I'm sure it won't be a problem - just try avoiding sex?? xxx

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