thats it..............ive had enough...............


well, i dont know about you lot but ive had enough of being pregnant, i hate the last 10 weeks, they drag soooooooooooooo much, and im soooooooooooooooooooooo heavy. ive just come back from town and now my feet hurt and my back hurts and i could hardly breath by the time i got back to the car after pushing my lardy 16 month old in the pram!!! now ive just got home and colapsed on the sofa while my 7 and 3 year old are making one hell of a mess upstairs and my 16 month old is wiping his sticky lolly all over my trousers!!!!! ive got no energy at all anymore and cant wait to get this baby out, i love the first stages of pregnancy but i get to the last weeks and hate being so heavy and it doesnt help that i give birth to baby elephants!!
well there it is, moan over...............for now!!!!
thanks for listening and may i appologise for any future rants i may have coz im sure there will be many!!!!
love vikki
31 weeks xxx


  • Oh dear! I'm 23 weeks and not struggling yet but I'm sure it will be a nightmare let alone with 3 other kids! Hoping for an early (but not too early!) arrival for you! x
  • thanks for your replies guys, feel better after my rant!! not looking forward to the morning though, its back to the school run 3 times a day!!!!
    hope you all feeling well and resting,our bundles of joy will be here before we know it and will be keeping us up all night crying, then we will wish they were back inside!!!!
    love vikki xx
    31 weeks xx
  • Hey you - been running around after you on this site...

    sarah xxx
  • hello stranger!!!!! i found you on here the other night and replied to you but didnt know if you would be back on.
    how are you all, cant believe time has gone so fast, how is baby talia (hope its spelt right!!!)
    back to school tommorow, are yours back to?
  • Hi mate, only our youngest is back tomorrow (Cockington School)
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