ive was having pains yesterday but they were really wierd tho image

they were like a stretchin pains kinda like growin pains you get when your little!

ive had period type pains but these were just different!!!

any advise pls image

bec x x


  • hi becs i have had weird pains too my midwife told me its the ligaments stretching inside
    hope this helps
  • Yeah Sez31 is right. I've had them too - baby must be having a growth spurt!!
  • im just worryin again! i guess my baby is growin and i find it so amazing! i just get scared all the time!
  • i panic about every single thing hun its perfectly normal so im told i feel like a neurotic woman lol

  • lol im exactly the same hun!
  • Hi Bec -- How far gone ru? Its nice to know others have had simular kinda pains. I am only 6 weeks nearly but yesterday I had other pains simular to yours. Random.

    I panic at every twinge or pain! I cant help it thou -- I just want to know everything is alright. Get me past the 12 weeks!!

  • im 9+2 ive been havin my pains on and off 4 3-4 weeks my doc n midwife say there normal so that kinda puts me at ease! i cnt wait to get to 12 weeks not long now!
  • Ohh u have jus under 3 week!! I have ages!! I will be 6 weeks on monday so that makes me 5+3 or something! I think this is the longest time of my life! Booking appointment is not til 28 Dec so thats ages away! Roll Jan 21st when I will be approx 12 weeks gone!!

  • lol my bookin in is nxt tues! i cnt wiat then it will prob be even more real! you got ur datin scan yet? i had a scan at 7 weeks
  • Not got my scan booked yet. The midwife books that for me! How did u get a scan at 7 weeks? ? I want a scan as I previously MC and want to make sue everything is ok!!

  • i was bleedin so had an emergancy 1 but now im not having a 12 week one as trhey could do my datin 1 then
  • I would still request a 12 week one to! Jus to double check everythin but hey im a worry wort! Haha. Im sure everything will be fine tho!! I cant wait to see my Baby!!

  • Hey, I am 19 + 3, and still get pains. They feel a bit like having a stitch and there worse if you get up suddenly. Today I took my dogs for a really long walk for an hour & a half and I think I overdid it cos my belly was tight and absolutely killing me! Had to sit down, lol. x
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