what were your first pregancy signs

hi i dont know weather i am or not pg yet testing tomorrow i have had no sign of af so far this mth due around yesturday my cycle are pretty normal

sept 32 day cycle
oct 32 day cycle
nov 33 day cycle
dec 32 day cycle
jan was 29 day cycle and only lasted 4 days and was almost liking spotting when usually im heavy and last for 5 days

now im on day 33 and my af usually is there when i wake i have been feeling very tied slightly dizz sore boobs and been going for the toilet more than usual im never late and just wanted some advice also had a touch of heartburn and nausser this morning please girls any advice sorry for my long story congrats on your news xxxxxxxxxx


  • Hi! My pregnancy symptom was my missed period, followed shortly after by sickness. I have friends, however, that have continued on with their periods throughout the whole of their pregnancies, and others who have had spotting all the way through as well. It sounds like you might be pregnant! My fingers are crossed for you. Love Rachel XXX
  • Sounds a lot like pregnancy to me! My first symptom was my boobs feeling sore and different from normal, then I missed the period and got the whole sickness thing. Let us know how it goes!
  • when i found out i was pregnant with my daughter i had no other symptoms then a missed period i was never late for my period so knew i must be. sickness came at 6weeks,this time i had sickness and everythin before i was even due lol,

    it sounds like you could be pregnant, good luck tomoz taking the test and i hope it is the outcome you want hun


  • My earliest sign was dizziness around the time my af was due, I knew it was odd because I only ever get this around the time of ovulation. This was then followed by tiredness and very sore boobs which I'm still getting now! (14 weeks).

    Hope you get a BFP tomorrow xx
  • no af arrived just as i was testing still light but gradually getting heavy so back to day1 maybe next mth i will join you all on this fab otherside to ttc i begining to hate ttc love the bd its the two week wait to disspointment i hate well any tips would be great thanks love ya all babyglue to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • sorry to hear that mel perhaps next month good luck image
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