34 weeks and having pains

Hi all,
Ive been having pains in the bottom of my belly, around the pubic bone area. Ive been suffering with SPD for months now and i know that it isnt that as the pain is totally different. It almost feels like ive got trapped wind but i know its not as ive been to the toilet and passing wind ok. It started yesterday afternoon and seems to be worse if i move about. Im getting abit concerned now as to what it could be. Never had anything like this in my other two pregnancys. I think if its still there tomorrow i'll give the MW a call. Also i started itching last night on my feet and this morning i was itching all over incuding the palm of my hand and on my wrists, i know this could be a sign of OC but it had gone by midday. Could these two be related?


  • Hiya Deborah,
    I had a m/w app last week and i'm also 34 weeks. She asked me if i had been getting any sharp pains low down that either felt like shooting pains or period pains. She called them 'engaging' pains and said it is caused by baby moving down into position, She did say that they can be quite strong and can take your breath away. I have been getting some pains too - especially low down on my left side. It sonds like this might be what your pains are.
    If the itching carries on i'd call your m/w cos it could be OC but i think we all get a bit of itchiness, i know i have, so try not to worry unless it gets too bad or carries on.
    Hope this helps. x
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