thought things were starting but obviously not...

Im 37 weeks tomorrow and last night on and off I had the start of some period type pains, not painful but uncomfortable and quite strong feeling, they seemed to last for a while and then wear off but as of today - nothing!! poo!!! I was getting quite excited! xx


  • hey bump buddy.

    i have been getting that since 36weeks and baby is still holding on in there for dear life. midwife say its a good sign, better then having nothing. but also wont guarantee baby will be early. could still go overdue.
    fingers crossed it wont be long though.

    kate 38+6
  • Soooo frustrating isn't it!! never mind not too long now. xx You'll have to let me know what info you want me to share with the girls on here when you're little one arrives and if you want to text me/ get someone to leave a msg on facebook for me so that i know when your little bundle of joy has arrived!
  • I too have been getting these pains since 35 weeks am now 37 +3 weeks had first lo at 38 +2 weeks so am hoping for the same this time but who know's when he will come. Didn't have theses type of pains last time though. Its frustrating though when you get these pains cos you constantly think is this it?

  • I know! sooo annoying isn't it?!? hey ho - more bouncing on my ball then i suppose... xx
  • i know i just want baby out. i will send you a message on fb or email you my mobile number. and if you do the same if you want i can get someone to text or send message to let you know any news.
    yeah i keep bouncing on my ball. not long though.
  • Hiya i've been getting those pains and feelings for the past 2 weeks!! LOL

    I asked the midwife and she said the head is really down and she is excited becos it means that its good and she thinks i'll go early but i'm only 33 weeks today!!

    Well we will just have to wait and see, got a hospital appointment on the 6th Nov becos the baby is too big for his dates so i also may have to be induced if there is a risk to me or the

    Kat x
  • well i had a little sleep and have now woken up feeling like im expecting my period, my lower back aches and I keep getting an uncomfortable feeling in my tum, but sounds like this may be the norm for the next few weeks. Oh well i've got my niece coming over to keep me company, she's staying over and will have a girly day tomorrow, popcorn and High school musical (sad i know! in my defence she is only 13 and she chose the film!) lol!
  • I bet you chose the film lol!!

    If the pain gets any worse and obvis if you start getting contractions then phone the midwife becos by the sounds of things it sounds ike u may be starting, but a bath always helps thats what i done last nite and bump chilled out for the nite i just got really bad heartburn afterwards lol

    Oh the joys of motherhood eh?

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