Sure Start Grant

Hi girls!

I've read you can only claim this if you are on:

Income Support
income-based Jobseeker's Allowance
income-related Employment and Support Allowance
Pension Credit
Working Tax Credit which includes a disability or severe disability element
Child Tax Credit, at a higher rate than the family element

I work full time & both Me & OH are on low incomes, would this mean we are eligable to claim or not? I'm confused!!


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  • Hi,
    I was a single mother with my first and worked full time I didn't get this grant so probably not. Best to check ith your local jobcentre
    Dani 32 +5
  • Hi Butterfly,
    I know your a fellow julyer but cant remember if you have any children. I was unsure about this too, i have a daughter but the need to have a child tax credit higher than the family element confused me.
    so i found this,

    Child Tax Credit Elements (Info)
    The Child Tax Credit ( CTC) elements are

    The family element. This is an element paid to each family that is entitled to CTC, regardless of the number of children or young people in the family. To be entitled to the family element of CTC, the family must include at least one eligible child or young person

    The baby element. This is an element paid, in addition to the family element, to each family that includes at least one eligible child who is under the age of one.
    The baby element is paid up until the youngest child's 1st birthday
    The child element. This is an individual element of CTC paid in respect of each child included in a family
    The young person element. This is an individual element of CTC paid in respect of each young person included in a family
    The disability element. This is an addition to the child / young person element and is paid in respect of each disabled child or young person included in a family
    The severe disability element. This is an additional element paid in respect of each severely disabled child or young person included in a family

    my daughter is autistic and we get the disabled element too, so i would asume we would get the grant.

    For yourself, if you can not get the grant now, once baby is born you will get the baby element as well as the family element too ( as above) i may be right in that you could then claim the grant after your tax credit is sorted out. hope that helps. x
  • I am a stay at home mum, my partner works full time but is on low income. We receive working and child tax credit but Im still not sure if I will receive the grant, im confused about how it works. Im also not sure how much more child tax we will get when baby is born and if our current child tax will be reduced as my daughter is now 3? x
  • fiona86 i would ask the cab, they can tell you what you would be getting when baby is born. It was them that told me we were entitled to the disability element dispite me telling the tax credit that my daughter was getting disbility living allowance they hadn't added it. I lost 6 months money. x
  • hi butterfly with my 1st we were on a low incomed but couldnt apply for the grant till bubs was born as we wernt getting any of the benefits with my 2nd i could apply straight away and the same this time i think low income is classed as under 15000 a year for the household hth
    claire xx
    28 weeks
  • I think we can only apply when baby is born, as we're not any of the benefits, I'm going to call CAB & find out! It's all so confusing!!

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  • hi there sorry to gatecrash but ...yes ...u should get this grant .everyone who gets child tax credit gets it as we all get the baby element for 1 year....and to not get child tax credit u have to earn more that about 55k a year .....hope this makes sense......i have applied for it now as i got it with my 1st ...i have had to wait till sophia was born to apply and u need their birth certificate but u have 12 weeks from when they were born so u should be ok ...............hope this helps xxxxxxxxxxxxx
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