no symptoms, im worried

hi girls iv just found out im expecting yesterday, im not 13dpo and i tested early and got my bfp. yesterday i felt quite bloated and a bit crampy in my abdoman, but today dont feel anything at that normal?im worried as i had a mmc in sept and hope nothing goes wrong whith this one,

ashy x


  • Yes, that's perfectly normal! I found both the bloating and the cramps came and went. Congratulations on your pregnancy image.

  • Congratulations!!
    Symtoms will come and go - Cramps one day then completely normal the next. Try not to worry, relax and enjoy your early stages
  • congratultions on your pregnancy,please dont worry as every pregnancy is different,i had every symptom on my first pregnancy and on my last one i had nothing and i was having twins,just try and relax and enjoy your pregnancy,you might just be a lucky one

  • thank you for your replies, just glad im not the only one to go through this. i will try to relax.

    ashy xxx
  • Hi hun, how far gone are you?

    im only 5 + 1 but am the same have no symptoms other than bloating, wind and tiredness and one minute im fine then the next im weary but think im just imagining it!!

  • Hi i think its normal too. Im 15 weeks and hardly had any symptoms at all, unlike when i had my son 2 1/2 years ago i dont have anything like i had with him i did start to worry and started to stress quite alot but ive had the scan and saw baby every pregnancy is just very different i guess

    congrats xx
  • im only about 4 weeks gone, just stressing because i had a mmc and didnt really have any symptoms then, and dont want the same thing to just hoping i will get an early scan.

    ashy x
  • Hi Ashy! Firstly a huge congratulations on your happy news. I'm sure everythinbg will be just fine. I'm 11 weeks now and my symptoms seem to be going one by one and I know its hard not to worry coz i'm a right whittler! Take care and i'm sure everything will be alright this time. Love Sapphire xxx
  • hi every pregnancy is differant, when i was pregnant with my first i didnt even know i was pregnant apart from a bump, this time i feel sick, sore boobs, cramping, mood swings, tiredness, only 4 weeks 3 days, . if u r worried id go see the doc x
  • My first pregnancy i didn't have any symptoms not even a bump and didn't even have a bump. In fact i had all my periods as well and i didn't know i was pregnant until I went into labour!!!!! What a shock that was.

    This pregnancy I'm 16 weeks gone and I have only had sickness for about a week..... And i've been feeling a bit dizzy and actually fainted today. But I seem to have lost weight rather than put any on is that normal or not?
  • Hi Ashy,

    I know you will be extra worried because of your mmc but fingers crossed you will get an early scan to reassure you. I didn't have any symptoms at all and was terrified something would go wrong but I'm now 23+6 so please try not to worry x
  • thanks for the advice girls.
    macandladymac your first pregnancy must have been a huge shock! i dont know if its normal to lose weight with pregnancy, i supose i you are really sick you might lose weight but i thought you were ment to put on a few pounds in the first trimester?i dont know...

    got my first doctors appointment tomorrow so im going to tell him how worried i am and ask if i can have an early scan.

    ashy x
  • hi, im 19 weeks and i have had pretty much no symptoms all pregnancy. I have worried the whole way through as it all just seems too easy!

    Heaps of people I know have has really easy pregnancies. Try not to worry you may be just one of the lucky ones!
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