Hello & Pregnancy seat belts

Hello ladies

I got my BFP this morning so have had a huge smile all morning image

It's my first pregnancy so I'm not sure what to expect but I'm very excited!

I did hear something about pregnancy seat belts and wondered if they were necessary at this early stage and which you would recommend.

Looking forward to chatting with you all xxx


  • io would buy one anyway as they are from day one supposed to help in the car i have one and they are so comfy i'll keep it in even after lo is born lol just gotta remember to unvelcro myself b4 i getout of the car lmao
    you can get them online or the really big mothercares hun worth the ??20!
    and congrats on ur 1st pregnancy. this is my 1st too
  • I got a bump belt from a large Mother care and its given me peace of mind driving around cause just moves belt away from bump all together!

    congrats! my first as well! xxx
  • Ah congrats on your BFP I never got one but wish i had they recommend putting your belt under your bump but this is difficult for first few months and even when you get bigger they ride up so i would say deffo get one x
  • Am intending to get one, but the two mothercares near me didn't have any in! Will try again this weekend!
  • Congratulations!! Is it still sinking in for you hun?
    I have a bump belt from Mothercare too...really useful & comfy, couldn't do without it! You may be able to get one online?!
  • I went and got mine today. It was easy to put in the car although I did keep forgeting to undo the velcro before trying to get out..opps!
  • My mum had some lumps removed from her breast and I'm sure she had this clip thing that pulled the seatbelt away from her chest for a while. Think it came from Halfords, but might be wrong!
  • Thanks girls, Mothercare didn't have any in so I ordered the same brand from Amazon - I think it should arrive tomorrow! I can see myself making the same mistake as you Jellyfishpink! :lol: Just got to remember now not to offer anyone a lift from work or it'll kinda give the game away :lol:
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